Introducing VISUAL ELVES – An Eyelash Subscription Box That Keeps Giving All Year Long


Whether you’re a regular or novice to using false lashes, one thing every woman can agree on is that false lashes have the power to take you from fail to fabulous in mere minutes!

False lashes are like a cosmetic cheat code: Whether you’ve just woken up, danced for a few hours, gone for a quick jog, or lived through a fashion disaster, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your eyes will still pop, and by how quickly you can get ready. Fake lashes can work some pretty amazing miracles if you don’t have the full flutter of natural lashes. To put it simply, false lashes can help breathe life into an otherwise tired-looking face.

Once you master the technique of putting lashes on, they can definitely take your eye makeup to the next level. And the best thing is, you can do it yourself cheap and easy and you don’t even have to commit to anything semi-permanent such as eyelash extensions so you can also change your lash look depending on your mood.


This is where Visual Elves comes in.

Visual Elves is an eyelash subscription box that happens to be highly recommended by beauty and makeup magazines. It takes pride in offering on-trend, innovative, and exceptional quality products. With an amazing selection of high-quality cosmetic products that cater to makeup enthusiasts all over the world, it has become a destination brand that offers beauty without compromise.


So how do subscription boxes work?

Overall, subscription boxes are like the holiday gift that keeps on giving. Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail right?? It doesn’t matter what season it is, a package makes any day feel like Christmas morning. We’re pretty sure everyone can relate to that excitement of ripping open a birthday gift or the anticipation before discovering what a package in the mail contains. In fact, the rush you feel before opening a package is very similar to what gamblers experience when they’re in the moment.

The Visual Elves eyelash subscription box only costs less than $20 per month for 4 pairs of false eyelashes. Each eyelash style is the latest version and chosen by a Mascara Material professional – it’s the best artificial mink hair so this price is definitely a steal!  One box per month will be mailed to you before the fixed day of each month and the actual value of the subscription box is $100 USD or $25 USD per pair. Each box contains 4 different eyelashes and their monthly eyelashes are carefully selected by professional eyelashers and certified by experts. This is a pretty awesome deal since false eyelashes are typically very expensive. These eyelashes are not only comfortable but they’re also long-lasting. If they’re handled properly, you can use it more than 25 times so you definitely get your money’s worth!


So how much does it cost to get one of these amazing subscription boxes??

Well, the good news is that the subscription fee is actually LESS than $20 per month for 4 pairs of false eyelashes which is a steal considering the fact that false lashes are typically quite pricey!

You have 4 options: You can pay once a month, once every 6 months, once every 9 months or once every 12 months. The 12-month package costs 20% off the monthly fee so if you’re thinking long term then this deal is perfect for you. On the plus side, the members who subscribe to the 12-month payment rewards will also be able to enjoy a 9.5% discount on visual wizard gifts and all products.

The members of the subscription boxes can get free shipping within the US and there will be available coupons for new users which can save you more money. You can take advantage of Visual Elves/ awesome deal right NOW by simply clicking this link:  Visual Elves

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