Fashion Designer To Watch Out For In 2021: Fernanda Covarrubias

Fernanda Covarrubias is a Mexican Eco-Fashion Designer and stylist with over 13 years of experience within the Fashion industry. She currently lives in Geelong VIC Australia for 5 years ago.

Fernanda grew up surrounded by sewing machines and fabrics; as one of her closest aunties was a seamstress. After graduating from the Fashion School, she worked in different clothing factories, which gave her experience and knowledge in the clothing manufacturing process, from swimwear to jeans, etc.

After a few years of gaining experience in the fashion field, she launched her own clothing brand label, which was made of Deadstock fabrics and was 100% locally made and distributed in Guadalajara Mexico.

After over a year living in Australia, she founded her own clothing brand, which bears her name Fernanda Covarrubias; which is based on Upcycled and deadstock materials and is Australian-made. She was a finalist at the last “We the makers” Festival in Geelong last year.

She has a blog, The Second Runway, where she promotes Sustainable Fashion and Slow Fashion Styling. She is also The Save The Children Australia official VIC’s fashion stylist and runs Upcycling and styling workshops for refugee women in Geelong.

Part of her job has been featured in local newspapers and magazines like That’s Australia. She aims to create awareness about the impact that fashion has on the current climate crisis and also on the Fashion worker’s lives.

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