5 Awesome Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Needs To Know

“Beauty is not about what’s in the face, true beauty comes from within”.


Scrap that! Women can have both and nothing can stop us from being beautiful inside-out. Beauty can’t possibly be everything, but beauty is power. Being beautiful is a privilege we don’t seem to acknowledge or we might not be aware of, but it is what it is. For the person reading this article, you are wonderful and a beautiful being!

But it doesn’t stop here! Let me whisper the Top 5 hacks to boost your superpowers and slay using my personalized 5 Senses.

  1. Beauty Sense of Touch

The first thing that people notice about us might also be what we don’t notice in ourselves when we are out. I am talking about our nails gals! Friends, family or anybody first notices and pays attention to whatever we are touching or what we are about to touch. Whether it be coated with nail polish or plain nude, It is very important to keep our finger-pals as clean as possible not only for aesthetics but for sanitary benefits too!

  1. Beauty Sense of Smell

Scents always complement appearance and personality. Be sure to match the scent of your perfume with the outfit you wear. You might not know this but our brain can associate colors with smells. Our mind might tell us that a rose-scented perfume can be associated with the color pink or red, while soapy smells are associated with pastel colors. It’s definitely okay to stick with one perfume but It would be best to invest in other variants for various occasions.

  1. Beauty Sense of Sight

Pay attention to what makes you feel comfortable and also how you would like to showcase your style and uniqueness. How you dress and how you drive your looks would also drive people’s perspective of you, regardless of wearing makeup or flaunting your pretty natural face, dear. Be the change you want to be, but don’t let anyone change you. Slay ‘em without looking directly!

Alright, I admit that these last two Beauty Senses might be out of hand but would be worth discussing, and trust me, you haven’t heard any of these yet. Sit down and hush girl.

  1. Beauty Sense of Hearing

As important as your physique and pretty looks, this sense is also equivalent to the 3 mentioned and is most often left out. I am talking about how you converse, girl. Another beauty hack is to pay attention to sounds voices around you. When engaged in a conversation with anybody, it would be disrespectful just to use verbal nods and then have them repeat what was mentioned after not paying close attention. Come on, a good listener is also a sexy person. Prove me wrong this instance!

  1. Beauty Sense of Taste

This sense is not only for what your tongue does, girl! To have taste or for someone to compliment that you have great taste is the highest form of praise you can get. From great taste in music, great taste in fashion to great taste in everything. This sense is highly subjective but what matters most is how you incorporate your taste with the 4 senses above.

To sum it up, we are all beautiful in our own ways but as the world spins, nothing can stop us, pretty people, from evolving to a better version of ourselves. I love you and you love you!

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