5 Awesome Ways to Look Like Money Without Actually Spending That Much Money

Fashion young woman in red suit. Red background.
Fashion young woman in red suit. Red background.

Perception is everything. Everyone wants to seem important and wealthy, especially on social media, where the entire world can see what you post and potentially pass judgment on your style choices. The problem with wanting to look like a million bucks is that you probably don’t have a million bucks. But fortunately, there are ways to look like money without spending too much of it.

Read on for some tips on how to look fancy on a budget.

Check Out Consignment Shops

Looking at secondhand options may seem like the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, but there is something to be said for finding clothes that are new to you, but not brand new. The business of pre-loved clothing has taken off in a big way on the internet, and sometimes articles of clothing that people list are items that have only been worn once, if at all. And most of the time, there is something that can fit the style that you’re looking for, often for far less than what the in-store price would be.

Go Through Your Own Closet

If you’re looking to change up your style, you may need not look further than your own wardrobe. If you’ve not seen the back of your closet in a while, there may be something in there that you can use to freshen up your look. Digging into your own clothes, especially if you’ve had a weight loss transformation, may help when creating a new look that can help you boost your image.

Build Your Own Style

No matter whether you purchase your clothes or find them within your own personal collection, it may be possible to throw together a few pieces from your own collection that may be interchangeable enough to create some fresh looks. Neutral colors work best for this purpose.

Focus on Accessories

There’s at least one adage that says that a woman can never have too many shoes or purses. And if that’s true, then there may be great value in swapping out your accessories, especially if your accessories line up with the outfits that you choose. The more it seems that you have, the richer you’ll appear.

The Fit Matters

If your clothes are form fitting, they give a better stylistic look than baggy ones, and can often give the illusion of status. In order to ensure that your clothes have the best possible fit, it may be worth looking into using a tailor. If you can find a cheaper dress and have it tailored to fit you rather than buying an expensive one, you can save money and still have that classy look.

A Final Word

Looking like money doesn’t require having money, which comes as a welcome relief to those of us who don’t. If you’re looking for outfits that are worthy of Instagram, knowing that you can put it all together on a budget ought to make it stand out even more.

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