Fashionista To Watch Out For In 2021: Introducing Samantha Garcia

Samantha Garcia is a fashion and beauty content creator. She initially started her journey in the makeup field, expressing her art through creative looks. Things changed when she had a baby boy in October of 2018; once she had the baby, she found herself having less and less time to pour hours into her makeup looks. As her baby grew up though, she felt that she still wanted to express herself somehow but she couldn’t see herself going back to makeup. Since she’s always loved fashion, she decided to start posting fashion content. Styling pieces in her closet in a more creative way by buying new clothes and returning clothes; in a way restarting her journey by finding herself through fashion. It wasn’t an easy journey but she’s quite content with where she is now. She has found herself within the classic, minimal fashion, and she’s happy to be sharing her style journey with others.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Samantha to discuss her journey in the fashion world and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

I love shopping at Zara and H&M for all their classic pieces. There is a second-hand store in my town that always has amazing designer pieces, I believe shopping that way for designer pieces is a great way for anyone who is on a budget.

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the cooler months?

For cooler months, I believe coats are the best way to go. They add so much to an outfit and can be great statement pieces, especially blazers.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

I look for my creative inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, I am always trying to find classic, minimal, and statement outfit inspo.

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

Truthfully, it is hard. I love fashion, I love clothes, I love styling. I put together my outfit pieces like it’s my last every day, causing pressure on myself. I just want to constantly look put-together and chic. I have a love-hate relationship with my closet all the time. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed because I own so many pieces and other times feeling overwhelmed because I own so many unnecessary pieces that I never wear, feel like no longer is my style or pieces that just make me think “why did I ever buy this?” As I grow as a person, my style grows and changes as well, making it difficult for me at times to get my head straight on what my style goal is.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

When shopping, I try to find more pieces that are classic and not trending as much vs trendy pieces. I’ll buy solid-colored pieces that’ll match with everything more than I’ll buy trendy printed pieces. Both are great in their own way, but when it comes to adding uniqueness to outfits, it’s about how you put them together and what kind of accessories are added. The commercial style at this moment is very, bold and colorful. I am not quite colorful, but when it comes to walking the line between unique and commercial, I’ll add a touch of trendy with maybe a popular handbag or accessories, into my minimal style to stay within the commercial line.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

Trends this year have been all about crisscrossing cord details on tops, cut-out dresses, and colorful prints that go from clothing pieces to nail designs.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

I believe the state of fashion is in a great place right now, people are expressing themselves through their own unique styles and sharing them with the world in a way that is effective and inspiring to others.

What are the clothes we can rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

Bomber jackets. So last year. I owned maybe 2…why? Who knows, because I never wore them. I never felt as if they were quite flattering; only my opinion though!

What fashion advice would you give an emerging fashionista?

Be patient with yourself. Finding your own style…in a world of so many options, can be overwhelming. Test the waters and stick with what your body feels most comfortable with. Have fun on your fashion journey.

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years, what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

The fashion field is constantly changing, all the time, with trends coming and going. Usually, a trend starts on the runway or through the celebrity field, stay up to date with fashion shows and celebrity content, that’ll always share what is coming into play soon.

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