The Guide: Dressing For Your Body Shape & Type

We were all not made the same, so why are we all shopping the same? One of the biggest mistakes we consumers are making is not shopping for clothes that are right for our body types. How do we stop it? By learning what our body type is. So let’s break it down as we begin to learn more about ourselves.


Show off those curves, don’t hide them. Hiding curves create an illusion of a bigger appearance. Especially since you already have a great body. Clothes that work best are crop tops, a belted jacket, pencil skirts, wrap dress, and wide legs pants with of course a belted waist. It’s a must to insinuate the waist and show off those curves because it would be a shame not to.


Your goal is to minimize your midsection while showing off those shoulders and goddess-like legs. Clothing that works best for your shape is a swing coat, flowy tops, low waist straight-leg pants, high waist circle skirt, and shift dresses.


While you may be trying to highlight your waist, let’s not forget to try to make our hips and bust appear larger. It’s important to appear proportional. Clothes that you should try are ruffle tops, slightly cropped jacket with a banded bottom, mini skirts, side cutout dresses, and tapered pants.


If you find it challenging to have your clothes give off the illusion of an elongated appearance then maybe it’s also time to focus on accentuating your top half. Clothes that can help you do that are an off-the-shoulder fit-and-flare dress, a-line skirts, and boot cut bottoms.

At the end of the day, it’s always easier and safer to shop online to know just what exactly looks best for you and most importantly, what you feel the most comfortable with. But be free in using this article as a guide for your next shopping trip.

Photo by Arvind shakya from Pexels

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