Different Types Of Jackets And Coats That Are A Must-Have In 2022

Initially used to protect you from the harsh cold of the winter season, jackets and coats are now worn to make a great fashion statement. Their use is no longer limited during the winter months.

Your outfits will get an instant new look when you decide to pair with Max Mara Coats. You can even experiment with that look by switching between your different jackets and coats.

As the year of 2022 approaches, we thought of putting together a list of all the jackets and coats that must have a place in your wardrobe because a new year calls for new fashion.

Bomber Jacket

The revival of fashion from the past is very common, and this is exactly how the bomber jacket came into being. The name may indicate some kind of connection with war, and it is extremely appropriate.

This is because this kind of jacket used to be worn by the soldiers of the Hungarian Cavalry during the American Civil War. Later, it caught the eye as an accessory of fashion.

It has been in use since then. The glazed look of this jacket, when paired with jeans and boots, gives an extremely rustic look of a badass and is very popular among people.

Fur Coats

Fur coats look extremely extravagant, and it is because they are! If you pair the right colors with a fur coat, the moment you wear it, the rating of your look crosses all bars.

Fur started to be used as a garment from the Royal Family. Back then, only the upper-class people were privileged enough to wear fur coats. Later, they were made accessible and more people started wearing them.

Denim Jacket

Every household definitely owns one pair of denim jeans, to say the least. This material can be used to make multiple clothing types. Be it skirts, jeans, shirts, jackets — you name it.

Denim jackets are extremely effective against the cold and look very stylish during summer. They come with long sleeves, as well as short ones. You can pair them with your outfit according to your choice to have a casual but classy look.


Overcoats are long and may reach up to your ankles. They are made in such a way that the material and build drive out the cold and make you feel warm and comfortable.

Usually worn in formal settings, you can pair an overcoat with your jeans which will definitely let the room know that you mean business. You can also pair a knee-length overcoat with skirts and dresses.


Hoodies are probably the most favorite type of wear among all genders, and the reason lies in the comfort and warmth they provide.

They can be sweatshirts or jackets with a zip, with a hood. They are appropriate for casual, or even sports meets. But then, if you feel comfortable enough, hoodies can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Trench Coat

A wardrobe should be full of clothes that you can carry well. The trench coat is one of those that is very trendy but not easy to pull off. But, it is all about feeling comfortable in what you wear. If you like it, it is the one for you!

It is like a maxi coat with a string that can be tied around the waist. It gives off a shiny look that looks very attractive when paired with formal or casual clothes underneath.

Quilted Jacket

As the name suggests, this jacket is made by the process of quilting, which is combining two layers of cloth in order to make a thicker cloth.

This obviously makes the quilted jacket very warm and the perfect winter wear, which is why you no longer have to worry about compromising on your fashion due to the cold.

Linen Jacket

The linen jacket breaks all the stereotypes that restrict the use of jackets and coats during winter. The material of linen is very thin and light, making it perfect to be worn during the summer.

You can choose to wear them for formal or casual gatherings because they are extremely versatile and will blend in with any setting. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, or dresses.

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