A Quick & Easy Guide To Dressing Up For Your Body Type

Group of women with different body types in underwear on white background

By Chi de Jesus

I’ve simplified this article to help you go through your wardrobe and find that piece and focused on the four usual body shapes – the rest would be adjusting to the different standard shapes. This could also be a good basis for how you can adapt to the trends or even create a signature look that’s uniquely yours.

THE PEAR BODY TYPE (or the triangle)

Key points: narrow shoulder, wider hips, fuller rear

Strategy: Elongate, draw attention to the top – brighter colours on top, darker colours for bottoms

Do’s: dainty or fun tops, interesting necklines (V, cowl, scoop), waist-length or mid-thigh jackets, below-the-knee skirts, perfect fit dark jeans, and layered necklaces to draw attention to the face.

Don’ts: bright coloured overly fitted jeans and distressed jeans that call attention to the bottom part


Key points: well-defined waist, fuller bust, hips, and thighs

Strategy: define the waist, choose body-hugging silhouettes, balance

Do’s: form-fitting jersey knits, wrap tops, elbow-length sleeves, bomber jackets, fit top and flare bottom dresses, high-waisted skinny jeans, fitted jumpsuits, skinny waist-belts

Don’ts: boxy silhouettes, straight skirts, stiff fabric, low-waisted skirts and if you love ruffles, make sure it’s even from top to bottom.

THE APPLE-SHAPED BODY TYPE (or inverted triangle)

Key points: no well-defined waistline, shoulders are broader than your hips

Strategy: focus on the peripherals – amazing legs, arms, and the bust, volume on the hips

Do’s: A-line silhouettes, flowy tunics, relaxed silhouettes, V-neck, strapless or sleeveless tops, vests, mini skirts, vertical and diagonal stripes, skinny jeans, boot cut or cigarette pants, bracelets, and rings

Don’ts: never jersey, horizontal stripes, body-hugging silhouettes, cropped tops and round or high necklines, hot pants, shapeless garments, high rise jeans, sabrinas

THE RECTANGULAR SHAPED BODY TYPE (or the straight/athletic)

Key points: not curvy, hips and shoulders have the same measure or evenly distributed including the waist – usually called the “boyish frame”

Strategy: keep the volume either on the top or the bottom

Do’s: halters, racerback styles, strapless tops, embellished necklines, tank tops, belted tops, flowy outerwear, A-line cuts, statement earrings, rings

Don’ts: jackets that end at the waist, boxy clothes, square necks, fitted sleeves, extreme flare pants

Did you get the general idea? Ready to go through your wardrobe? Take a photo add a caption and send it here! We’ll feature you in our next article. Happy styling!

Source: The Australian Filipina

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