How To Choose The Best Lipstick For You

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By Chi de Jesus

Are you getting confused with all the print ads and fantabulously made commercials that feature lipstick and how they make your lips pop? Here are some guidelines to help you make that final decision.

But before that, let’s define first the different varieties of lipstick out in the market:


IUs a lipstick with a high oil content that keeps your lips shiny and glossy. This makes your lips look plumper because it bounces off the light and keeps the lips moisturized. It looks darker in the tube but usually appears lighter on your skin. It provides a plump and seductive look but usually comes off after eating.


Pumps up the shine and gloss and is a good choice for evening events like parties or night events because it looks good in artificial lighting.


Has deep opaque colours and gives off a more natural look. Unlike the sheer lipstick, matte usually comes with deeper colours. It can make your lips look thinner by absorbing the light rather than reflecting it and it stays longer on the lips.


Is a long-lasting lipstick that gives off a more natural look. It can be applied with a brush for a more precise application but it can also be applied using your finger to apply it directly on the lips. For casual events that will surely involve eating, this may be your best choice.


Is a clear or lightly pigmented product applied to the lips to make it look well… ahh… glossy or shinier. Usually applied over lipstick for more extended wear or used to retouch lips after a long day.

Lipsticks are one of the most sought-after cosmetic items women buy on a regular basis because of how often they use them. For more practical application, we can limit lipstick variety to just two – SHEER & MATTE.

Before you put on your lipstick or buy them because they’re “cute,” look at the mirror and assess your features .. and here are the “ifs”…

If your lips are thin, you would benefit from the shine of the satin lipstick because of the illusion it creates making the lips seem fuller.

If your lips are too thick. A matte lipstick would enhance those lips while keeping them as natural as possible.

But the most important ifs are ..

If your skin tone is warm, meaning your veins (from your wrist) are green and your skin may be peachy, yellow or golden then your lip colour should be in the deeper spectrum of colours.

If your skin tone is cool, meaning your veins are blue and your skin will may lean to the colours pink, red and blue then your lip colour should be on the other side of the spectrum of lighter, brighter colours.

So check your skin tone. Know where you’re going (and how much food you’re eating) and how much time you need to prepare then off you go – to get that lipstick that you not only desire but need.

Happy hunting!

Source: The Australian Filipina

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