4 Essentials Every Man Should Carry in Their Bag with Them

Back in the day, seeing a man walking down the high street with a handbag would be considered a comedic sight, as displayed through the ridicule of Matt Le Blanc’s character ‘Joey’ in the US sitcom ‘Friends.’ Fortunately, in our modern society, most men now understand that carrying a bag isn’t emasculating, and the once regarded women-only accessory is appealing to more and more men.

Whether your bag is a high-quality designer backpack or a causal canvas messenger bag, not relying on your trouser pockets is a comforting feeling and means you don’t have to skimp on any of your everyday essentials. Boasting style and functionality, carrying a bag on your person can help you prepare for any unforeseen events, whether unpleasant weather or drowning out other people’s boring commute conversations while you work.

Yet, when you leave for work each morning, you may still have that nagging voice in the very corner of your mind asking: “Do you have everything you need?”. Oddly, you probably forgot something, and we are firm believers that no man should leave their house unprepared for the day ahead, which is why we’ve created this list of essentials every man should carry in their bag with them. From a Gucci cardholder for men to headphones – keep reading to find out more.


As times change, the ever-faithful wallet has seen a dip in popularity in favor of its newest incarnation, the cardholder. Now that the American public is fast-relying on card transactions as the standard form of payment, cardholders have helped individuals adapt to this change as it’s easier to access in your often cavern-feeling bag, won’t get bulky full of loose change, and force the user to decide whether they need to carry that Cheesecake Factory gift card around twenty-four seven.

Cardholders can be slotted into your trouser pocket, inside your jacket pocket, or zipped into one of the pockets that line your bag for easy access, meaning that you won’t have to waste time fumbling around for it, and it won’t lose its shape in the event of being sat on! Like wallets, you can purchase cardholders in various materials and designs, from a sleek Gucci cardholder for men to an unbranded cardholder featuring a character from your favorite T.V show.

Consider treating yourself when payday rolls around, and browse the range of luxury wallets and card holders from SSENSE. On their site, you can find anything from womenswear, menswear, and other accessories from various luxury brands like Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Hugo Boss, and many more. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for your better half or rewarding yourself after a hard month’s work, consider using their website to find your next purchase for your bag.


If you don’t fancy reading or pulling out your laptop on a busy train, packing a pair of headphones in your bag is essential. The headphones you choose don’t have to be your brand new Airpods or Beats Solo3 wireless headphones; an affordable pair of headphones can easily drown out the noise of fellow commuters.

Since your bag goes through much abuse traveling back and forth between destinations, whether it gets caught in the door of the Tube (we’ve all been there!) or jostled around as you weave your way between crowds of people. The last thing you want is your high-quality, expensive headphones to get broken in transit or lost, which buying a pair of inexpensive headphones will eliminate.

If you’d like an upgrade from the headphones that come free with your smartphone, use the internet to search for a list of the best cheap headphones for listening to music and purchase a pair to keep in your bag.

Spare Charging Cable

Although most modern smartphones come equipped with decent battery life, the chances of it lasting from when you leave your house to when you return are slim. Listening to music on the train during your commute and browsing social media during your lunch break can quickly drain your device’s battery, especially if you’re doing so without an internet connection.

Avoid the frustration of your device dying by carrying around a spare charging cable so you can top up its juice on the go or if you need to connect it to your laptop at work quickly. In addition, carrying a power bank with you might be worthwhile when a plug socket isn’t accessible.

Lip Balm

Commuting to work means traveling in unpleasant weather like torrential rain and thick snow. As well as being a pain to travel in, the cold weather can cause other complications like chapped lips and dry patches of skin. During these times, carry a lip balm tube in your bag so that you can reach for it when you need relief.

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