Fashionista of the Month for March 2013!

Kathryn Deng, StarCentral Magazine’s Fashionista of the Month for March 2013, discovered the fashion world at a very young age.  She would save up to buy fashion magazines when she was still in elementary school!  “…I read them again and again before I went to bed every night…”  Added to that, she would watch her mother and her girlfriends try on different outfits not unlike Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends on ‘Sex and the City.’  “…I love to see them doing it when I was a kid; they even dress me up with their dresses/scarfs/skirts and so on…I think that had some major influence to my passion towards fashion.”


While her love for fashion began years ago, it was only recently that Kathryn decided to take it to the next level.  She launched her YouTube Channel, ‘sofashionbasic’ in October 2012 and followed it soon after with own blog launched just last month.  “I always want to do something as a career that relates to my passion, and I see a lot of girls succeed by using YouTube/Blog as a platform to enter the fashion industry, (such as the Blonde Salad, Style Scrapbook, Wendyslookbook, and Song of Style) then I decided to give it a try…”

Kathryn is continually fascinated by the creativity inherent in the fashion world.  “It is so fun to play with patterns, colors, trends, and fashion pieces because a little change can make a big difference… color always caught my eye and inspires me the most…”  She is also fascinated by the boldness and élan exhibited by individuals whose lives are intertwined with fashion – “…I think people who loves fashion are very confident to present what they like and confidence is a great thing for a happy life…”


Bolstered by the positive feedback that she is receiving via her YouTube channel as well as by the unstinting support of her parents (and her dog, Puffy!), there is no doubt in Kathryn’s mind that her future lies within the fashion industry.  With her major in college being in business marketing and finance, Kathryn would like to one day be “…a successful buyer/planner in the fashion industry…” But this young lady knows that her effort and hard work must be equally matched by her passion – “…everyone who is successful in what they are doing loves their career. The passion motivates them to work hard and continue to make efforts towards their goal. So, always love what you are doing and for sure you will be able to do better…”

Photos by: Chris Lei

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