Fashionista of the Month for October 2013!

The notion that fashion is the go-to industry for those with beauty sans equally impressive wits is far from factual, at least that’s the case for our very own Fashionista of the Month.

Joyce holds two medical-related degrees – one in Nursing and another in Dentistry. Her innate predilection for style and fashion is largely credited to her artsy nature. Dressing up has been her way of self-expression, and she considers couture one of the best ways to exude her creativity. Her distinctive style has thousands following her on social networking sites, and even winning her endorsement deals in the process.


Fashion need not be expensive or complicated. This is her style mantra. The self-confessed DIY fashionista proudly admitted a few of her secrets – tweaking accessories, reinventing a few closet pieces, and being on the lookout for a few good fashion finds. Aimee Song and Instagram’s “heyitsannabanana” are just two of the fashion icons that inspire Joyce. The chic and simple tones of their wardrobe make up the pillars of her fashion influences.

The road to Fashion Avenue has not been a walk in the park for Joyce. She has admitted into having bashers, getting deleterious criticisms, and not having her mom’s support, at least in the beginning. Ironically, her mother has become one of her biggest fans and her family is now her go-to people for honest and unbiased feedback on her photos. The need to please everyone has made an exit from her system. She has learned that being in a cutthroat industry does not necessitate pleasing everybody. She has learned to figure out whose opinions matter, and to take criticism.

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In an industry where the word ‘beauty’ has become so relative, Joyce found herself trying to stand out beyond aspects that are skin deep. Her artistic inclinations have made her a cut above the rest. From her singing, dancing, and modelling prowess, down to her proclivity in drawing and playing the guitar, she is definitely one face that has more to offer than just a pretty face.

Her future plans have also exuded the entrepreneurial aspect of her persona. She wants to start her own boutique someday. This business venture will serve her well, and will put two of her favourite hobbies into good use – shopping and fashion. Having her own boutique is definitely one notch above being just a fashion inspiration to young women across the globe. This will give her more room to apply her creative juices on wearable pieces that will don fashionable closets of all ages.


With a promising career ahead of her and great plans up her sleeve, Joyce is certainly one fashionista name that everyone should look out for. She is the epitome of the whole package – wits, look, personality, and an amazing Asian feature to boot. All these facets have been synergized in one, and Joyce promises to use them for things that are certainly not just skin deep. Beyond the looks and that model strut, depth and resilience has made Joyce a rare breed.

Instagram: @joyceparungao

Article by: Katrina

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