Fashionista Of The Month: Nisha Bradley


“…I simply wear my attitude…” This is the backbone of Nisha Bradley’s (StarCentral’s Fashionista of the Month for November 2015) outlook on fashion. “…It allows you to showcase who you are…” Recognising it as a form of expression, Nisha’s foray into the world of fashion first began on Instagram where she started posting ‘Outfits of the Day’. When she realised how much she truly enjoyed it, she decided to take it to the next level and launched her blog, ‘Fashion Finding Me’ in February this year.


Her blog has given the Houston-based fashionista the chance to interact with her followers. That contact has definitely gone a long way in reassuring her that she is on the right track with her career – “…my inspiration comes from sharing style and fashion ideas with others. Providing them with new ideas, “how-to’s”, etc. I feel honored when people ask me for advice or tips…”

Floppy hat and midi dress 4 Cropped

While freely admitting that fashion is a hobby for now, it has not stopped Nisha from making a mark in the industry. A few months ago, Bradley (who is also a history and trivia buff), was invited to participate in Houston’s ‘Twice Lucky Resale’s Summer Fashion Show’. “…I styled 3 models with 9 outfits. I really enjoyed myself and I’m grateful for the opportunity…” The fashion show also saw connecting with her fellow stylists/bloggers. She particularly enjoyed the company of Britney Boyd, Maria Dix and Eric Ford. “…They are beyond amazing and were a joy to work with…”


Nisha’s career is certainly still in its infancy but the early recognition by others in her field is a fantastic indication that this fashion blogger/amateur photographer’s future in the industry is a bright one. With the support of family and friends, and a healthy attitude (“…simply be yourself. Never be afraid to express yourself. Let that shine through…”), Nisha Bradley certainly has the tools to make her dreams a reality.



1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? That would be my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. It keeps my eyeshadow looking fresh all day.

2. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? I’ve had my hair cut into a pixie cut many years back. I loved it the first day…then I couldn’t wait for it to grow back.

3. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? Lipstick, eyeliner, makeup remover, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss (just in case I want the nude look).

4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? It takes me 10 times longer to complete something because it has to be JUST RIGHT. But the results are always top-notch.

5. Your best guilty pleasure… My best guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

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