Fashionista of the Month: Diane Coletta


Paris, France is synonymous with fashion. So, it is no wonder that living there has inspired the blossoming of the career of StarCentral’s Fashionista of the Month for January 2016, Diane Coletta.

Diane’s love for fashion began early. “…My mom is quite the fashionista herself, so when I was young she let me play dress up in her heels and allowed me to wear her pearls…” But it wasn’t until she moved from the US to France in August 2015 that it became more than just a hobby. She started her blog, ‘Petite in Paris’ soon after settling in the fashion capital of the world. Standing at 4’11”, the Kansas City native wanted to showcase the type of fashion that would highlight a petite frame like hers. With the beautiful sights of Paris serving as a backdrop for her ensembles, Diane has been able to feature outfits that ranged from a casual day out to a night at the orchestra. ‘Petite in Paris’ has been so successful that it captured the attention of her favourite local magazine, ‘This is KC’ back in Kansas (which featured 3 of her ensembles in an article about Diane) as well as gaining the respect of her fellow bloggers in Paris. That respect has seen her secure an invitation to Paris Fashion Week in October 2015 which she obviously described as a memorable experience.


While fashion may be her passion, it is not her full-time career right now. “In addition to blogging, I work at a start-up IT company in Paris, called Roomchecking…” which provides IT solutions for hotels around the world. She also graduated from the University of Kansas where she majored in Finance and Marketing. For the 27-year old, fashion fuels her artistic side – “…I love how fashion allows you to be creative. You can mix and match using different textures. Allowing you to express yourself through your clothing…” It is a form of expression fully supported by her family who not only offer encouragement, but inspiration as well. “…My parents continue to inspire me daily. They have taught me many lessons in life, specifically never give up on my dreams and to be kind to others along the way…”


Diane is fully invested in her life in Paris. Having met several other fashion bloggers and formed strong friendships with them, there is no doubt that this fashionista will remain fully immersed in the Parisian fashion industry. The future is indeed bright for Diane Coletta – “…My future plans include traveling the world, and have fun along the way…”



1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? My Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
2. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? Dyed my hair
3. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? My contour kit and Chap Stick
4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? My height
5. Your best guilty pleasure… Gummy bears and watching ‘The Bachelor’

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