Fashionista Of The Month For May 2016: Trini Waddell


Much has been said about the bond between sisters. A sister can be a source of encouragement, support and inspiration. For Trini Waddell (StarCentral’s Fashionista of the Month for April 2016), her older sister Brenda is all three. Brenda, a talented makeup artist in her own right, began tutoring Trini in proper makeup application techniques when she was 15-years old. Later on, she “ordered my very first make up kit for me to begin selling Mary Kay Cosmetics…”

Those early lessons were only the beginning of a burgeoning career. Already well-versed in fashion and style, the art form of makeup was the next logical step. The talented mother-of-four (she is also an amazing singer who, as part of a gospel choir, was asked to sing at basketball star, Magic Johnson’s mother’s birthday party in August 2015) is also a freelance makeup consultant – “There are many makeup tutorials but I dare to be different in that I come to you personally to teach hands on the proper way to apply makeup. Many of my coworkers come to me on break and lunch to have makeup applied…” She’s even inspired her co-worker, Daniela to become a Mary Kay consultant herself. But makeup is not just about work for Trini, it’s a lot of fun too. She has a standing monthly girls-only night with her sisters “which always entailed a full face of makeup applied by me and a photo shoot…”


But makeup is only one facet of this fascinatingly multi-faceted lady. There is her singing – “I sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston at my high school graduation in Crawfordsville, Arkansas…” She holds a degree in theology from the Dominion Bible College in Milwaukee and happily declares herself as a “Mother First, Phenomenal Wife of an Ordained Elder, Missionary of COGIC (Church of God In Christ)…I was a cheerleader, a majorette, model, singer, family comedian…” On top of all that, “I am a great home décor person as well…every room in my home has its own theme and wall color…as my husband will attest, there’s never a dull moment with me and my fashion sense…”

But this Milwaukee-based diva didn’t win the title ‘Fashionista of the Month’ for nothing! “My room-size walk-in closet is a dream as it speaks to the Fashionista that I am. I am extremely creative and can turn simple into fabulous with my style techniques…” One thing she enjoys most about being a fashionista is “stepping into my walk-in closet and glamourizing myself as I pretend to be a “Housewife of Milwaukee” getting ready for a shoot…”


A true individual who pairs her strong sense of style with her unshakeable confidence, Trini Wadell is unafraid of facing the future head on. Fully embracing her “life’s interesting twists and turns…” and using them “as a platform to step into new highs my life has to offer…” Firmly believing to “do what your heart calls you to do today, for tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is only a blur…with this Fashionista there’s never been a rock unturned! Fashion is in me, not just on me!”


1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? Eyeliner

2. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? Colored my hair multiple colors at once before that look became popular

3. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? 10 Eyeliners, 4 lip colors, 6 mascara, 3 foundation applications, 3 eye shadow palettes, moisturizers, lotions, 3 bronzers and pencil sharpeners, eyelashes and eyelash glue.

4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? I have to wear a Spanx and heels daily to feel sexy.

5. Your best guilty pleasure… buying clothes and shoes gives me the biggest rush ever

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