Fashionista Of The Month For July 2016: Febiha


Ever since Febiha, also known as Febi Fabulous can remember, fashion has been a part of her.

And, so this July, she takes the title home as StarCentral Magazine’s Fashionista of the month, which she considers one of the highlights of her career. “I’m definitely more into fashion than make-up, always have been, always will be. Part of the reason is that, I have a pretty neutral wardrobe but I love bold pieces with other simple things. Even though I love make-up and almost never leave my house without it, I’m pretty boring when it comes to it. I have like three looks that work for me, and I change them based on what I’m wearing or where I’m going, which are natural make-up for work, more dramatic for going out, that’s about it,” she explained.

Before pursuing a serious career in fashion, Ms. Khan completed degrees in Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Public relations from Istanbul University, and Master In Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Wales (UK). Her educational background became a foundation in turning her passion into a business.


Her career started in 2013, when she took a year off from work to do what I always wanted. She has been thinking about doing something that involves fashion and being creative. “I started posting my fashion photos on Instagram. The response I got from follower was overwhelming, and soon after that fashion boutiques started sending me samples of their fashion lines,” the 29-year old stylist recalled.

Moreover, a lot of people were really impressed by her work that through a friend’s recommendation, she actually got selected above other Fashionistas on Instagram. “Networking is really very helpful! I have been selected for photo shoot for a boutique in London. And then soon, that one photo shoot turned into two, then three, and I ended up staying for three years now.”

She does love what she is doing, and says that enjoys the sense of creativity it gives her. It allows her to express her uniqueness through her work. Fashion has become a huge part of her life. She said “I never want to look like a complete duplicate of someone else. I love that people appreciates my style. It is a great feeling. When you feel and look good inside and out, it gives you that boost of confidence, and that’s what fashion does for me.”


Moreover, her family especially her husband has been a strong force that kept her moving forward in her career. And, the acknowledgement from followers has also pushed her to pursue her passion and keep doing what she is doing.

Aside from her adoring fans and being in the industry of fashion, she meets a lot of interesting people almost everyday. “I was shopping at Selfridges and by chance bumped in to Chiara Ferragni. She was there to present her new shoe line. I have always admired her as a fashion icon, and her sense of style inspires me a lot,” she gushed.

She revealed that one of the most important lessons working in fashion industry has taught her is that we should be authentically kind to everyone in every circumstance because if no one wants to be around you, and then no one will want to hire you.”

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She has a lot on her plate right now but she still has more plans that she wants to achieve in the future. “I have always wanted to write a book on makeup and styling. At the moment, I’m researching and building in-depth knowledge on it. Hopefully, I could be author of bestselling fashion book.”

With her natural flair in fashion and willingness to go the extra mile, it’s only a matter of time before Febiha becomes successful in her chosen field.

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