Fashionista Of The Month For The Month Of August 2016: Daisyre Alvarez


Daisyre Alvarez has always been in love with fashion ever since she can remember.

“I do not remember ever being interested in anything but fashion,” says the Dominican Fashionista when asked about how she started with her craft. Daisyre recalls playing dress-up with her mother’s clothes and jewelry while her sister would be outside playing sports.


From that girly little girl, her love for fashion just kept growing and growing and now, she’s our Fashionista of the Month.

The desire to learn more and discover new ways to express herself through fashion pushed her even further to turn what she considered initially as a hobby into an actual career. The Miami-based designer made her first step into the world of styling in 2014 when she decided to start a blog.

“I was Inspired by all these fashion bloggers that I wanted to begin my own journey through the fashion world. The social media played a great role in my journey, and the people following and all their positive feedback were so overwhelming. I was so motivated that I even started thinking of clothing design Ideas and brand names of my own,” she recounted.


When asked what she enjoys most about her work, she replied that it was being able to create outfits as well as being able to mix and match different textures. “I love how I can express myself through my clothing and colour schemes. Fashion brings out the creativity in me.”

Being in style is not as easy as tossing one pair of clothing to another, it involves a lot of conceptualizing and coming up with unique ideas that other people may not have thought of, something that not everyone can do. The good thing is, this young lass is never short of ideas. Her everyday motivation is as simple as her passion for fashion, she just wants to continue growing and learning in this industry. “What keeps me going are the what if’s. I don’t want to look back and think ‘What if I didn’t follow my dreams? Where would I be?”

Moreover, aside from being able to create the most exciting pieces every day, the fashion industry is also a home of a variety of interesting people. “This spring I attended South Florida’s industrycon where I met Metisha Schaefer and Vh1 TV personality Miss Nikki Baby. I feel privileged to meet them,” she replied when asked about the most interesting people she has met so far.


It has really been an exciting journey for this month’s fashionista. She admits she has really learned a lot – she believes that with every positive feedback always comes the negative. “You are going to come across a lot of people that don’t want to see you succeed. I learned that you must have a thick skin in this industry and just keep moving forward towards the goal.”

It is indeed amazing how self-motivated this girl is. I guess, when you have your family by your side you can do almost anything, which is exactly what pushes Daisyre to even do more.

“I hope that every day I progress a bit more in the fashion world. I will continue to work hard and push forward in creating a brand for myself and then, maybe, one day, become a name in fashion worldwide. Whether it’s because of my blog, a boutique or perhaps even my own line, I will make it happen. My future plans are going to be based on the feedback I receive from my fashion ventures. Whatever it is that I take on, I hope to inspire others like myself to put all they got into what they love,” says the driven fashionista.

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