Fashionista Of The Month For October 2016: Mary Byrd

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“I have learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I was and that people care about what this 40 something Mama has to say. As far as the industry is concerned I feel like that standard of beauty is evolving and it’s a beautiful thing. “ – Mary Byrd

Best known as Curlybyrdie, Mary Byrd is forty-three years old from Fort Wayne, Indiana who is currently running a successful fashion blog. When she isn’t running her fashion blog, Byrd is just like all of us. She loves shopping with friends and family as well as styling people. She shares that she even loves drinking coffee and having conversations with her daughter, as well as spending time with people she cares about.

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Now you can see why we all love her as much as we do.

Having a passion for deeeddefashion for as long Byrd could remember, her earliest memory of being obsessed with it was in 2nd grade when she got a new outfit and literally could not sleep because she couldn’t wait to wear it the next day. Back to school shopping was her favorite because she would always get new clothes. She loves being able to share her fashionable finds with her friends and family. Byrd was forty years old at that time and was looking for a creative outlet – something that she owned. Thus, “Curlybyrdie” was born.

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Byrd shares that she loves fashion because it is her own form of self-expression, it tells the story of how she feels on that particular day. It is the one thing in her life that she has complete control of. With her children as her biggest inspiration, Byrd shares that she wants to show them that determination and hard work pays off and to always follow your passion, you never know where it may lead you.

In her journey through the fashion world, Byrd has had some pretty awesome experiences because of her blog. When working on a collaboration with Kohl’s, she met a blogger that she had followed from the time she first starting blogging. Byrd shares that they were fans of each other and being able to meet was such a fun time. Not to mention, but also Byrd’s first time visiting NYC during a collaboration; win! With meeting other bloggers that Byrd admires, it is so refreshing to meet people that share the same common interest because they really get why she blogs.

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With a supportive family, Byrd shares that her kids, mom and sisters have supported her in one way or another. At first, they were not sure of what to make of this whole blogger thing but, once she started to do collaborations and the amount of happiness it brought to her life, it really helped her family understand why she was doing this.

Byrd plans to keep on blogging and empowering women with non-profit companies like the “You Go Girl project, “ she shares that she will eventually like to make that her full-time career. All we can say is that we hope you do Byrd, keep up the hard work because you are an inspiration to all of us.

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