Fashionistas Of The Month – November 2016 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the Fashionista Of The Month for November 2016! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the Fashionistas Of The Month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves negative, unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogative comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. This is not a page where you can post your rants – we will ONLY approve comments that are constructive to the nominees. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!

1. Briana Jackson (US)


Briana was born in Minnesota but raised in Virginia, she came to Las Vegas in 2012 because she feels that she can really express her inner fashionista in Vegas. She sees her style as chic street style, although she likes dabbing in other styles chic street style has always been her signature style though. She loves all genres of fashion and she wants to be a designer one day, visual merchandiser the next as well as a personal stylist.

Instagram: @_stylebybri

2. Autumn Arnold (US)


Autumn Arnold is a 22 year old fashion connoisseur and aspiring fashion forecaster. She’s currently going to Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia for a B.F.A in Fashion. She’s also the creative mind behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, “A Fabulous Hippie”. When she’s not neck deep in homework, She likes to read, draw, meditate, and go art show hopping on the weekends. She has worked with more than 4 international brands since starting her blog.

Instagram: @AFabulousHippie

3. Amber Steenblock (US)


Amber Steenblock hails from Orange County, California. She lives with her two fur babies (Snuggles & Bubbles) both Bichon Frise’s and her fiance. She’s a medical office manager by day and fashion blogger at night and on the weekends. She actually never really realized her passion for fashion until this last year when she started blogging. Her goal is to provide other ladies out there with great looks at prices they can afford. She knows that most people are like her, clothing can be quite expensive so why should we have to spend big bucks on something that we may not even wear next year? She wanted to make it a point to make her looks affordable but still look amazing and polished at the same time.

Instagram: @ambernicolefashion

4. Chichi (Austria)


Chichi hails from Vienna, Austria but currently lives in England to do her master’s degree. If she has to describe her style, she would say it is a mixture of casual and edgy pieces but she don’t really like to label herself. The most important thing for her is to feel comfortable and confident in what she wears and just have fun with it. On her blog, she shows people a glimpse of what she likes to wear and also shares some fashion finds and tips on how to wear different things.

Instagram: @lookatchichi

5. Sidra Ahmad (Canada)


Sidra is just a girl who’s been interested in fashion since high school. Her involvement in fashion class and shows was something that triggered her to create an Instagram page. Working in retail and helping clients style outfits just made her fall in love with it even more. Through her page she wants to inspire girls that are her age or even younger. For them to be able to look at the outfits that I have styled and say “I can do that too” would be an accomplishment for her. Her outfits are something that can be easily accessible as many might already have it hiding in their closets. She wants to be able to create cute, simple everyday wear with a little bit of a twist because a girl can feel girly one day and grungy the next – you just need to know how to style it.

Instagram: sidraalmas

6. Kristian Spraggins (United States)


Kristian Spraggins is a Junior in college. Her major is Political Science, with a minor in Spanish. One day she hopes to attend law school, however, she’s interested in fashion as well. She would consider her style as simply chic, with a pop of colour here and there. She loves simplicity, she believes that less is more.


7. Alisha Parekh aka Flawlish (USA)


In September of 2014 Alisha took the initiative to launch her very own fashion blog, Flawlish. FlawLish includes styles that are simple, casual, edgy and sophisticated. Alisha prepares looks that people of all tastes could be interested in and use as inspiration. The name Flawlish resembles the word Flawless and connects with her name Alisha – creating FLAWLISH.

Instagram: Flawlish

8. Elizabeth Coleman (Germany: Duesseldorf)


Elizabeth is a 22 year old media management student. She loves filming and photography and she also operates a YouTube channel (iamlizacole) in German.

Instagram: iamlizacole

Vote for who you think should be the “Fashionista Of The Month” in the poll below! The winner will appear in our website and will be featured in our magazine. The poll closes on the 3oth of November 2016 at 12am AEST (Sydney, Australia time) and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Please note that voting is also restricted to just ONE vote per IP address. Vote NOW and make your voice heard! 



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