Fashionista To Watch Out For In 2022: Meet The Charming Filipa Rodrigues

Filipa Rodrigues has been passionate about fashion since she was s little kid. In fact, at the age of 5, she was already preparing and choosing her clothes. However, everything changed during her adolescence year; it was a phase when the changes in her body and the appearance of acne diminished her self-esteem. Eventually, she stopped taking care of herself. But everything changed when she turned 17 as she changed school and met new friends – she decided to invest in herself. Her love for fashion grew more and more, and she discovered that what she loves to do most is creating the look. She couldn’t explain it; she had to complete the look whenever she saw a particular clothing piece. A look represents a way of being; we can be different characters depending on our looks. It’s really her great passion; she loves feeling the fabrics and combining the different cuts of each material.

She loves fashion and never gets tired of saying it. Fashion is associated with futility, but fashion is not just clothes, shoes, and accessories; it is much more than that. It’s empowerment, growth, and self-esteem. And it was based on this that, combined with the emergence of social networks, she decided to create her Instagram page to make this passion of hers known. She takes 90% of her photos; she bought a tripod and a remote to take the pictures, and Filipa carries all the material she needs in a backpack. When you really want something, you just make it happen.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Filipa to discuss her journey as a fashionista, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

My purchases are quite random; I buy both at fairs and small street stores and in mall stores like Zara, H & M, and others. I have some pieces from more expensive brands, but most of them are very affordable pieces.

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the cooler months?

A good coat and a good pair of boots are essential. I always say this because they are two essential items in winter, and the secret is after the accessories that are used, such as hats, beanies, and gloves. Nowadays, we find various accessories that allow us to create different looks.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

It varies a lot, as I said, sometimes just looking at a particular piece of clothing enables me to create the whole look in my head. Other times when I need some extra inspiration, I flip through fashion magazines and fashion websites and pages that inspire me.

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

It’s not difficult to stay fashionable; I think the secret is inside us. Each of us has our own style and tastes, and often we just need extra strength to encourage us to be creative and take risks.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

Always staying faithful to myself, to what I like, to my own style. Nowadays, we try to copy each other and don’t waste a second looking in the mirror and asking if that really represents who we are. I love trends, and I follow trends that I like, but I create to my personal taste, and I think that makes all the difference, and that’s what draws the attention of brands that contact me. One of the things I always hear is, “you combine things that I never thought would work, ” which is a source of pride.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

Yes, the colors will be very high, especially green and violet. And the vests will also be super trendy.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

Nowadays, fashion is more and more present in everyday life and more comprehensive. We only associated fashion with thin people or people with purchasing power in the past. But thanks to the people opening their minds, even within the fashion industry itself, and the accessibility of the market, today we can see people from thin to fat, from tall to smaller, with more or less money, worrying about dressing well and this is all due to the evolution that fashion has had and continues to have over time.

What clothes can we rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

For me, nothing is very “last season” because fashion is constantly changing and what is trending today is not tomorrow. A few years later, it is again, so my advice is always to keep another piece that was super trending at some time because a few years later, it will come back.

What fashion advice would you give an emerging fashionista?

Keep true to yourself. Never compare with other fashionistas, as each one has its own style. And never forget that fashion is fun and not an obsession.

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years, what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

Be aware of trends, and follow the evolution of fashion. Many people stopped back there and couldn’t keep up with the new times. It is important to know how to follow the evolution of the fashion world and adapt—never forgetting to put our personal taste when it comes to creating a look.

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