Fashionista To Watch Out For In 2022: Meet The Beautiful Adolat Cameron

Adolat Cameron was born and raised in Uzbekistan and moved to the US 6 years ago. She’s currently studying Digital Marketing at the University of Michigan Dearborn – she has always wanted to work in a creative industry. She decided to share minimal mixed with classy street style outfits on Instagram to inspire and help other girls to be confident in their own skin.

StarCentral magazine recently caught up with Adolat to discuss her journey as a fashionista, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

I am the type of person who, if I resonate with a certain brand and like most of their clothing items, I will always come back and shop there in the future. I am one of those loyal customers (smiley face). For classic items, I usually go with Zara or NA-KD brand. For edgy street style, my go-to is Urban Outfitters, especially their men’s selections. I firmly believe that you do not need to wear top designer clothes to stand out and look good. The timeless pieces will definitely serve you the most in the long run.

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the cooler months?

Layers layers layers. And also, comfort should be a top priority. I live in Michigan, so winters are quite brutal here. I usually go with natural fabrics, such as cotton and wool, because it allows my body to breathe and stay warm at the same time. Good pair of jeans styled with a solid minimal sweater and a blazer or a coat is a perfect combo.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

There are so many things that inspire me. I like those “Street Style” editions on WhoWhatWear; Pinterest or Instagram is a great way to get inspired too. I like to pick one thing out of my closet and play around with different ways of styling it, and it is different every single time; that is another thing that inspires me.

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

I honestly don’t think so. Wear whatever makes you feel confident because confidence is the ultimate goal of fashion.

Classic items will never go out of style, but you can bring your uniqueness through accessorizing and mixing different patterns and colors.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

It is all about how relatable you are as a content creator. This is your uniqueness and being appealing to your audience. I like to style items that everyone has in their closets, but with my own signature. I usually start with a basic top and make it stand out with bold accessories.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

Gender-fluid outfits, mixing masculine and feminine styles (which I absolutely love), and everything oversized.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

This is the time when uniqueness is appreciated and praised. People want to stand out, and social media is a great contributor to this.

What clothes can we rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

I do not like getting rid of items in my wardrobe because I try to stick to timeless pieces that I can re-wear repeatedly.

I never liked capri pants, though, because I don’t find them flattering or elongating your legs, so maybe if you like capri pants for the summer, try ankle-length wide-leg linen pants or straight ankle-length chinos styled with lace-up sandals.

What fashion advice would you give an emerging fashionista?

Stay consistent and true to yourself. Do not follow trends to a T, because depending on the state of your wardrobe, you might end up overspending in the beginning. Also, do not over-consume content from other creators, so you do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself because you are unique and on your own path (love emoji).

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years; what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

I would say prioritize your personal style and pay close attention to the details, such as hair and makeup, spice up an outfit with different jewelry, or a pair of cool retro sunglasses.

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