Soul Good at Ivory Lounge


Last Friday night, Soul Good boldly moved out of its comfort zone as the event, hosted by Nojon Entertainment moved into the city. It was a courageous move as the event has always been based out in the west since most of its crowd resides in the area – but we dare say that they made a great decision.

As host Mary Ann Sansano stepped onto the stage, the crowd immediately shifted their attention to the bubbly and beautiful host of the night. As she briefly announced the official opening of Soul Good’s move into the City, the first performer of the night – Marie De Jesus just waited patiently on the seat next to her for her performance. Then within a few minutes – introductions over, as Marie launched into an effortless surge of soothing music, played with a maturity that actually contradicts her youth. Can someone this young actually sing this good?

The answer is YES. And she wasn’t the only young performer that night that also “brought it” so to speak.

The other performers of the night: Jonah Manzano, Christian Joseph, and Fifth Cycle were all experienced and amazing musicians in their own right. In one way or another they’ve all carved themselves a niche in the world of acoustic music so it was great listening to them do what they do best.

The first half of the night was a whirlwind of RNB, pop and rock songs. The guitar finger-work amazed, the smiles broadened and the songs seemed to have a life of its own. The smooth sounds of these live acoustic performers definitely hit the spot.

Ivory Lounge was also a great place to relax to. It was cosy, it had great ambience and the food was actually pretty good. If you had a nerve-racking and stressful day at work and you just want to sit down, relax, unwind and listen to some soothing music – then Soul Good at Ivory Lounge is definitely your escape route from your tough day.

After the acoustic sessions, Ivory Lounge then transformed from an acoustic night into a clubbing event called “Clique.” After a relaxing night, it was then time to party and let your hair out. It became an exhilarating second half as Dj’s Xcentrik, Sir Dee, Day Day and R-One took to the floor spinning kick-ass old school music with some skilful turntable trickery.

To Nojon Entertainment -thank you for a fantastic evening’s entertainment, we look forward to the next one!












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