These Restaurants Refused This Man Because He Initially Looked Homeless… So He Came Back In A Ferrari!


This video proves that appearances really do matter in this day and age.

In this social experiment you’ll see how different restaurant’s staff reacted to this guy when he came to them dressed up like a homeless man and then later when he came back with a Ferrari dressed in a suit.

Check it out:

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  1. This video is fucking stupid. Restaurants reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they want. They’re in business to make money, if having certain clientele in their establishment is going effect business in a negative way of course they will turn them away. What the fuck did this guy think was going to happen? What is he trying to show?

  2. Similar thing happened to me for real a few years back, I went to look at some new £900K properties in a Citroen C3, and sales staff basically ignored me….Went back in my Ferrari to show my wife later in the day,…big change of attitude from sales staff, opening doors, offered refreshment, guided personal tour of show homes very attentive . Just goes to show…you should not judge people by their appearance.

  3. This video was created for sensationalism to a situation that would never happen in the real world. It is a complete waste of time. The likeliness that a homeless person would ever try to go into such an establishment is about nil. Maybe to see a menu out of curiosity.

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