How To Master The Catwalk Like A Runway Supermodel


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So, you knew that the Hadid sisters (Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid to be precise) are the “it girls” of the moment and super hot property in general… But, did you know that they were both paid $19K per minute (yes that’s no typo) to walk to catwalk during this year’s Mercedes Fashion Week. That’s some eye-wateringly fast cash – all just for treading the boards in some killer frocks – they were paid 400K in total plus expenses for one show!

Catwalk modelling may seem like the easiest way to earn a pretty penny. However, becoming a runway super slayer is no mean feat. Here we let you know what it takes to master the ultimate catwalk technique:


Refined posture and poise are the cornerstones of professional runway modelling. The best way to achieve this is to literally “think tall.” You can do this by imagining that there might be an invisible string that suspends from your head upwards – lifting you and giving you perfect posture. Keep your shoulders back.

While walking stand up straight whilst leaning slightly backwards so that your legs go first, keep your toes pointed forwards and then extend one foot in front of the other. It’s almost like you are walking a tightrope.


Never look consistently down at your audience. Keep your gaze forward – this creates a more confident look. Also, sustain a gaze that allows you to look over any glaring lights and flashes for your ease and comfort. Look at the cameras as required.


The standard catwalk route involves posing at the end of the runway for a few seconds to show off your attire and to stand still for the cameras. Fashion modelling generally calls for a commanding presence. However, keep in mind that there will be variations of style required in terms of posing and attitude depending on the context of the particular fashion show.

Exude confidence and play up the role that the brand you are representing requires. Match the rhythm of the music you are walking to – it might be a bit bouncier or it may be a bit sexy, a bit edgy or possibly even sombre or sedate.


Keep your arms relaxed and let them sway naturally. What you do with your hands will depend on the clothing that you are wearing. If you have pockets you will probably make use of these.

Keeping it all together

The most important piece of advice that one might possibly impart concerning runway modelling is to always keep your sense of fun and composure. Don’t let anything keep you down and let your sparkle shine through.

God forbid, if you are to trip or fall (or lose a shoe) remember that it does happen to the best of them. Dust yourself off and continue with grace, dignity and a sunny attitude. Better yet, turn a disaster into a theatrical triumph and it will be like nothing even went wrong in the first place!

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