Instagram Has Finally Announced Something That Will Make Its Users Impossibly Happy


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Instagram has finally delivered a functionality that’s been five long years in the making.

It appears that iOS users can now zoom in on Instagram pictures just by pinching their fingers together. We’re not entirely sure why the app never had the zoom feature in the first place, but we are quite delighted that zoom is now part of Instagram.

Zoom is now available for Instagram on iOS and it will be available on Android in the next few weeks. According to a video posted by Instagram on Aug 31, 2016, they said: “Over the past six months, you’ve seen many exciting changes come to Instagram, from a new icon to longer videos and even a new way to share everyday moments with Instagram Stories… And as things change, we’re still focused on improving the core parts of Instagram.”

The zoom functionality will enable users to zoom in on photos and videos in their feed as well as other people’s profiles in the Explore section.

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