Jonah Hill Got Insulted By A Weather Girl On TV And It Was So Awkward You Can Feel The Pain


This French weather girl decided to mock Hollywood star Jonah Hill at a French talk show called Le Grand Journal by telling an extremely awkward sexual joke and Jonah reportedly cancelled all his interviews in France after the show as he was not impressed by the shameless treatment.

French TV weather girl turned comedienne Ornella Fleury initially started the awkward exchange by saying she had always fancied Jonah after she first saw him at the 2007 hit Superbad wherein she remembers him with blood from a woman’s period smeared on his knees.

She also said she remembers him being sodomised by a three-metre tall demon in the film “This Is The End”.

Fleury then went on to say: “My sexual fantasy would be that we would meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d make me laugh, you’d make me laugh a lot, and then all of a sudden you’d bring your friends DiCaprio and Brad Pitt… and then you would leave.”

Hill was clearly not impressed by what she said so he responded by giving her a thumbs up then thanking her for “being invited on to the programme to be ridiculed by a local journalist.”

Check out the awkward exchange below (source: GQ magazine/William Mark Felt, Sr.):

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