5 Do’s and Dont’s For Achieving True Success and Stardom


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Stardom defines a superstar’s level of popularity and glamour. It can be put in the same terms as popularity, fame, spotlight, success and a lot more. Why is it that there are some charismatic artists out there whose fame can be said as innate to them? Wherever they go people know them, people follow them, people are aware of his or her style and personality. Why is that so? Well here are some tips so that can help you be that person one day:

Be yourself

This has always been the first rule of almost everything. You need to act yourself not because someone says that you should do this and that. Being yourself is also a way of branding the kind of person that you are. From head to toe, people can identify you that you are unique compared to others because you are being yourself. No additions, no restrictions, just the plain you. The moment that you wake up each day is an opportunity to let other people see the real you, to be with the kind of person that they knew.

Be humble

Being humble while being on top is a genuine attitude that no one can ever teach you how to maintain it. Humility as they say is a very difficult virtue to acquire because as people we seek for it and we fear it. Although you are on top, make sure that your feet are still in the ground. Learn to love all people who have been with you while you were down and once you make it to the top you must love them even more.

Have an Inspiration

Inspirations are what drives most people to be a better person. Inspiration need not be a person but it can also be an event that can trigger that eagerness in you to be the best.

Have lots of friends

You need to have real and true friends who can always be with you no matter what happens. Whether you have a lot of gigs or none at all, choose friends who will stick with you through thick and thin. Real friends in this kind of industry are rare and once you have found yours, treasure them the most. They are golden and they will never leave you.

Eat well

Most artists tend to forget to eat nutritious foods because of pressure and that workaholic attitude. Some may develop eating disorders. Food is very important for us to function well and so do artists. They need energy to perform at their best and be the best that they can. Energy foods may give you the energy to dance, to sing, to act, and to perform. Choices on food should also be considered. Keep in mind that although you need to eat a lot of energy-giving foods, you still have to control yourself so that you don’t overeat.

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