How To Wear Flares Without Looking Like You Just Stepped Out Of A 70’s Catalog


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If you were born without the luxury of having spidery long legs to get you to places faster and feel like you are missing out on a lot of trends; well think again. Well only half think on that, we are only here to help with the trend part; not the getting to places faster. Sorry in advance. Anyways, one of the biggest trends at the moment is denim. Everyone is wearing denim shirts, skirts, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, shoes, and every other clothing item you can think of. It’s everywhere, it’s kind of like an invasion of denim. Regardless, one of the best looks came back in style and we couldn’t be happier. Now that flares are acceptable without looking like you just stepped out of a 70’s catalog, there is a problem with this look. People under 5’5 are not wearing the trend because they feel that they are too short and will drown in the jeans. Well, that’s true but, if it’s worn right anyone can wear it.

So how does one wear flares correctly if they are not very tall? Easily! Let’s break it down, starting from the top. Being under 5’5, a person doesn’t have a lot of torso to work with, so if you have this problem, we suggest wearing fitted tops or crop tops. Nothing baggy or loose that will give off a frumpy impression. We want to look lean. Skipping the jeans, and going straight to the feet; it is important to add a bit of height to yourself. You can wear, wedges, booties, or even heels. All options will look great with the jeans regardless. It is just important to add some height to give off the illusion of a longer leg. Flares are very long even if they are tailored; if flats are worn the jeans will appear bigger. And that is what we don’t want.

Over here at StarCentral we urge you to try flares today, give it a shot. Take our tips and tricks and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t at least you know and you won’t have to give any more of the tall people wearing flares dirty looks. Fashion is all about trial and error, some trends work for us and some don’t. And that’s okay, but it is always fun to try. Remember fashion should be fun, not a burden.

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