6 Incredible Ways To Look Curvaceously Chic


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The fashion world has definitely come a long way when it comes to dressing women. It is no longer limited to women with smaller sizes, in fact, it has opened catwalks to women with fuller and more curvy figures.

Gone are those days when your size confines you to wear sweatpants and tees. Hence, throw away those unflattering tops and outdated dress in your closet, and make room for a little change. You can be as stylish as Heidi Klum in just a jiffy with these six ways to look curvaceously chic.

Flaunt that booty

No, it’s not too big. Wear as much jeans as you want and let it show off your voluptuous behind. You can never go wrong with the right pair of jeans. Make sure it’s just your size though, not too tight or too loose. Whether its tattered, bleached, or skinny, you can pair it with almost anything in your closet.

Belt it up

So how can you look stunning on your new fitted dress which your friends had peer pressured you into buying? Wear it with a belt. Fitted outfits could sometimes highlight some parts of our body we’d rather not want to be highlighted, but a bulging tummy may not be as bad as you think it is. The belt can create a balance between the upper and lower part of your body.

Black is the new hot

Yes, you read that right, if Adelle is rocking it then why shouldn’t you do the same? Start with a little black dress, and who knows, you might just own the catwalk one of these days. Not only is the colour flattering, it also exudes confidence and a whole lot of elegance.

Don’t over accessorize

When you feel like you’re already wearing too much, then you should trust your instincts. Looking stylish doesn’t mean donning your collection of bling, or even putting on a cardigan when you can actually just get away with a little skin here and there.

The tailor is your best friend

We’re not always fortunate to have the clothes that we like in the perfect size and length that we want it. However, it is not yet time to raise the white flag and give up because your neighbourhood tailor may just be the hero you need to save the day. A shorter hemline, or maybe an adjustment might just make all the difference.

And lastly, be proud and about

Nothing spells sexier than a woman who feels good about herself. And, when you feel great about what you’re wearing you will feel even better about who you are. Diss your shapewear and embrace your curves. Your body is perfect the way it is.

Being stylish and gorgeous isn’t only about how you look, it’s also about how you feel on that specific look. Don’t base your whole view of how you should be from what you see in the mirror. You need to wear your clothes like you are the most beautiful woman in the world because you deserve it.

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