How to Incorporate Dust Yellow And Pink Into your Everyday Style


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If you only dress in neutral or black and white tones, then this is the article for you. Only because a person who dresses with more than two colours doesn’t really need to learn anything from this article. However, we get it. We totally understand why you dress the way you do. It’s practical and black and white tones is just something we always lean towards in the stores. Well, it is time to break out of our shells and experiment with fashion now. Let’s take a chance, baby steps at that. It is time to experiment and the best way to do that is with dust yellow and pink colours.



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Adding a yellow liner to your lower lash-line or even as an eyeshadow colour is the perfect little pop of colour. And let’s not forget pink lips. It doesn’t get anymore cooler then that!



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A dusty yellow or pink maybe the perfect colour for a blouse or even just a regular shirt. It’s not too fashion forward but it’s enough to push the boundaries. Besides, they go great with black and neutrals anyways.



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A perfect little pop of colour can be easily done with your shoes. Whether it’s flats or even a pair of heels, yellow or pink is the perfect little-added colour to any wardrobe. Did we also mention how you don’t have to worry about being too out there? Because you won’t. You’ll still remain to appear very passive even if you have yellow or pink shoes.

While it may be scary to try something new, just always remember that fashion should be fun and not a drudgery. Don’t take it too seriously – never forget to explore your horizons.

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