How To: Wear Sneakers At Work Or At A Night Out


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We’re not sure who actually came up with the words “beauty is pain” but we couldn’t agree more.

Honestly, should looking fabulous really have to be painful? We don’t think so. In fact, we believe that it’s okay to wear sneakers to work or even at a night out. Of course, you wouldn’t wear the same sneakers that you might work out in, but there is still a way to wear sneakers for your everyday rituals – and we managed to crack the code.

At Work


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While it all depends on your job, most jobs are the same when it comes to the dress code – no sneakers allowed. Well unless they want to take that back there are classy sneakers that can be worn to work that doesn’t in fact actually look like sneakers. If it’s a slip on sneaker or a white tennis sneaker you can still get away without being dress coded.

At Night


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If you find yourself being called out for a girls night after a long day of wearing heels, don’t freak out. There is hope. A night out should be fun but also be relaxing, at least on the feet. If you are looking to wear sneakers for a date or even a girls night, try settling for a pair of converses or even a pair of white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. While they will be giving you complete comfort all night, they are still both fun and can really go with anything you wear.

Now you don’t have to keep investing in cushions for heels, thanks to us, your life just got a whole lot easier. You’re welcome!

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