Six Weight Loss Myths That Are Actually Making You Fatter… Prepare To Be Shocked


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People have huge fascination with anything and everything that can help them lose weight and move or maintain a healthy standard of living. Some would attempt a healthy eating habit and others would work out just for them to achieve their desire figure. Unfortunately most of these individuals are lured into weight loss myths just to gain their desired figure. The thing is, some of these myths can be quite dangerous to their health.

Losing weight purely for physical look are not always a gateway to a healthy living. Check out this six reasons:

Weight Loss Myth 1

To lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle, avoid eating fatty foods. Back in the 1950’s, industries that produced low fatty foods were born because of the cholesterol panic that was created by science. Without the fat, food wouldn’t taste great so that’s when artificial ingredients came to place. Artificial sweeteners, flavours, margarine and hydrogenated oil that are used to create the taste of less fatty food are in fact twice as hazardous to our tummy.

The natural fat we acquire in our body every time we eat is the one that helps build mylan sheaths that is protecting our nerves and brain cells. Some of these fats are stored on our skin and it helps our body to produce vitamin D from sunlight. There are fats that are good for the body; you can check the internet for lists.

Weight Loss Myth 2

If your want to eat sweets and pastries, you have to make sure it uses artificial sweetener to avoid weight gain or added fat to your figure. Sadly, most obese people have lots of diet sodas stored.

Artificial sweeteners actually plays a huge part to obesity based on recent studies. Most diet soda drinkers gain weight and look much chubbier than non-diet soda drinkers. Artificial sweeteners contain chemicals that can be harmful to the human body.

Weight Loss Myth 3

Special short diets such as “no rich after 6” and more are some of the approach that appeals to a number of people. This short diet may deliver fast results but most of the time, it ruins people’s metabolism though so in the long run it’s not good for you.

After doing this short diet program, people would return to their normal eating habits but then their metabolism wouldn’t work the same anymore. Their metabolism rate either becomes lower and more fats are stored, or higher burning more fats than usual. This can create an up and down roller coaster weight problem.

Weight Loss Myth 4

It is better to use corn syrup if you want to lose weight. Corn sugar is also known as HFCS or high fructose corn sugar. Many experts are already aware that this is the main cause of obesity and fatty livers.

Weight Loss Myth 5

Excessive regional body exercise can make you lose weight. These are exercise activities that target a specific part of your body. Well yes, you would look healthier and slimmer but then your weight might just be the same.

You are losing the fat indeed, but you are converting the fats into muscle that weighs more. The bigger the muscle, the higher your weight increases. Aim to weigh loss with healthy lifestyle, good balanced food and enough exercise.

Weight Loss Myth 6

To lose weight permanently, one should count the calories and food they take. It is true that one should know when they have eaten enough food, though measuring the calorie intake might be less productive though.

It is best to determine what foods would help you burn fat based on your body type, before you even start a dietary approach to help you lose weight.

There are nutritional dietary information that is based on myths, it is best to have an expert that would give you information about your body type and what food would help you achieve your goal of losing weight. An Ayurvedic doctor is one of the experts you can consult to know the right food you can take to lose weight, base on your body type.

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