5 Essential Tips For Aspiring Talents Looking To Break Into The Entertainment Industry


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Here’s something most people aren’t aware of – talent alone is actually not enough to make you succeed in the entertainment industry. Besides being talented, if you want to succeed in the entertainment industry you also need monetary investment, the right connections, dedication, persistence as well as a great deal of planning.

Now here are top five tips for aspiring artists, models and actors looking to break into the entertainment industry.

1. Think smart

In business, we call it strategy. In acting, we call it “attack.” In every other aspect of life, we call it a plan. If you want to succeed, you need to be clear in what you want to achieve in your career. Be smart. Plan smart. Create goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

First of all, you wouldn’t want to be wading in an ocean of all sorts of dreams of other aspiring artists, without you first having a definite idea what you are aiming at. You need to specify goals (either long-term or short-term) that can be quantified as doable. These goals should also likewise be pertinent to your career and should also be set to be achieved at a particular time.

If you want to move forward with your career then you need to be smart. Plan ahead and think smart.

2. Network your way to stardom

No one really got anywhere in their career by just doing his/her own thing without anyone’s help. Over the process of building careers, personal as well as business networks are likewise built. You will need the right agents, managers, and producers to help you out on your way to success and be the shining star that you are meant to be.

Can you think of any actor who did not go through personal connections or contacts before actually getting into the spotlight? I bet you can’t even name one!

As you meet people in your quest to stardom, make sure that you keep in constant contact with them—even the most insignificant people you meet. You will never know who these people are related to unless you have already built a steady relationship with them.

Keeping a calling card will also come handy from time to time. Make sure yours had been printed legibly and with the exact details. Always hand them over to people any time there’s an opportunity.

3. Leverage the power of the internet

Consider those people who were discovered through their video uploads via YouTube. Perhaps, you can also leverage on this social media platform as well as other online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. to meet other people who might be able to help your career in the future.

Did you know that Justin Bieber grew up in a small town, and that he didn’t have an agent or any valid connections? He actually only started uploading videos on YouTube for his friends and family who couldn’t make it to his singing competitions, Someone important came across his videos though and liked his voice and voila – Bieber fever was born!

4. Promote yourself

Your first follower is yourself. If you believe in yourself and you are passionate in what you can do then others will catch on and they will inevitably share that same belief with others they come in contact with. It’ll be a ripple effect. Once a portion of water is activated it will set the surrounding water to create the same action.

Preparing your personal portfolio will come in handy any time. Just make sure that the data you include are updated, including the headshots. You should always stick to the truth. Your portfolio may be customised to how you think agents or directors might want to see in it, however the truth will always come out in the end so just be accurate and honest.

Think about Zac Efron who started by auditioning for the Disney Channel movie “High School Musical.” All he did was turn up at the auditions and promote himself and now look at what he has accomplished: High School Musical 1/2/3, 17 Again, Hairspray…The list goes on!

5. Take Charge

Let your passion drive you to your way to stardom. Invest in yourself and commit to learning and mastering your craft. If you’re an actor perhaps you can check out acting workshops or organizations who offer trainings and seminars. You can even start with your local theatre. If there’s any available role you think you are able to perform, audition. Once you’ve appeared in a few performances, you’ll have the experience needed to get an agent’s attention that may be able to find other related jobs for you. A number of stage actors work in commercials, TV and movies, so your theatre colleagues will be able to advise you, and even recommend agents who may be able to help you.

If you’re a model you can always start by doing things for free to get your foot in the door. Start doing portfolio shoots with legitimate photographers and start getting involved in various runway events even if initially it’s for free to get exposure and you never know – someone important might spot you and give you the break you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re an aspiring artist you always can start with the best and easiest social media platform out there – YouTube. Start uploading videos and start making appearances in various events even if there’s no talent fee in the beginning because you’ll never know who will be on these events. You need to start somewhere to get somewhere right?

Building a career is a process, as much as becoming one in a million and shining the brightest. Start with tip number one and then proceed with the other tips. This will pave the way for your next stop over—success!

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