Meet Kate Johnson: A Stunning Business Woman, Model And Charity Ambassador


Kate Johnson isn’t jumping on the #cruelty-freebeauty bandwagon when she launched her lip gloss brand, ‘Purfectly Chic’. In fact, for the professional model/business woman, former beauty queen ‘no cruelty to animals’ has been her life’s philosophy. She reveals that “I started volunteering for the RSPCA when I was nine and have been involved with a number of animal welfare charities and organisations over the years…I have grown to love and enjoy being, thinking and dressing intelligently, elegantly and ethically.”


‘Purfectly Chic’ (the name was deliberately chosen to suggest a cat’s purr as well as nod to the animal-friendly nature of the product) has been certified cruelty-free by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and consists of 6 different shades which, according to Kate, “captures the heart & soul of the women who wear them; she is wild & free and young at heart, she is inspired by the minimalists and the sophisticates, and she is a lover of the finer things! Welcome Swiss Alps (clear), Parisian Lace (Peony Pink), Miami Nights (Coral), Pacific Sunrise (Dark Pink), Tuscan Vino (Plum) & Cherish (Red).” Having spent most of her career in the entertainment industry surrounded by every cosmetic and beauty product imaginable, Kate admits that at first she wasn’t “really thinking about the ingredients going onto my skin. And more importantly, whether that brand that I have grown to love and trust tests on animals.” With realization came her decision to act. She says that “I wanted to create a range that women can wear and love knowing it makes them look and feel gorgeous whilst also being ethically sourced and certified cruelty-free.” She also says that she wanted to educate “our fellow female ‘cosmetics connoisseurs’ to shop more consciously.”


Kate’s approach to beauty goes far beyond the physical. Her career in the modeling industry has given her an up-close-and-personal look at its sometimes devastating impact on a woman’s self-esteem and body image so she has worked hard at being a teen mentor and in 2014 became a Celebrity Ambassador for the Girlfriend Magazine Beautiful Minds event and the Beautiful You Australia campaign.

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