4 Habits That Can Actually Bring You Closer To Being A Star


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Auditions and try-outs may have been your routine for the previous months or so, but you may find it surprising that there are actually other habits that can lead you to becoming a star faster than everybody else.

1. Fun Runs

Running not only keeps you fit, but it has its stardom perks too. Unknown to most, talent scouts now disguise themselves in similar events to look for new talents. Running entails wearing fit and comfy clothes – just about the perfect pair that will flaunt your body and your immaculate figure. Most people who run are make-up free making them look bare, face-bare at least. Talent scouts want to look for fresh faces that will look good even without makeup. Sweaty, fun-runs are just about the perfect place to look for gorgeously hot looks that may fare well on the runway, or on TV.

2. Writing

You would be surprised that even fashion experts, actors, and actresses actually refer to self-help sites once in a while. If you have the knack for writing, you may want to start a blog site that can have a steady following, even that of big names. Blog sites with powerful, fresh, and factual content can attract a solid base of followers. If you’re an aspiring model, actress, or musician, then start a blog site that will cater to a similar circle. If you inject great content into it, you may attract industry names who would want to touch base with you soon.

3. Charity Events

Charity events can be one of the best channels to touch elbows with the rich and famous. Develop an innate passion for helping people, and not just because you want to invite people with deep pockets. Of course you will need connections to blend in, but keep in mind that directors, actors, politicians, and entertainment magnates have always been prominent attendees on goodwill events. If you become a familiar face on events that support a good cause, then there are great chances that you will get noticed. A good alternative would be to perform in these events too. If you’re good in singing or in other kinds of performing arts, then these avenues are a great way to showcase your talent. Not only are you doing it for a cause bigger than yourself, but you’re also targeting an audience who can help you get your next big break.

4. Don’t forget the Pit Crew

When you land minor roles on film, on stage, or even on music gigs, be mindful of the people who help out from the sidelines. The crew, the staff, or even the production assistants on training play a major role somehow. At some point, their opinions could matter, and this can include their opinions about you. Being genuinely professional and cordial can unconsciously clue them in of your positive nature. Psychological experts have noted that people who receive acts of kindness are more than willing to return the favour, even if it means a greater amount of support for the other person. Sometimes, members of the pit crew are surprisingly the same people who are actually close to the stars. You may be talking to the long-time driver of that renowned director, or the executive assistant of that movie producer looking for fresh faces. At any rate, whether or not they can do you favours, always remember that the people you’ll meet on your way up are the very same faces that you may see on your way down.

In an industry where talent and looks seem to be the norm, a few lucky amateurs can make a difference by adding a dose of positive character. After all, looks can only be skin deep; and you’ll be needing a lot more depth to be a star.

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