10 Makeup Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Change Your Life


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Fashion trends change every now and then. Men and women are both interested in fashion but the love for fashion in women is way more. The love of buying new clothes, shoes, jewelry and make up is never lost in any lady. Women are crazy about the latest fashion trends and will never back down from keeping themselves updated. It’s like a competition for them and they love to win. Almost every woman admires makeup. But applying makeup is not that easy though, it’s an art. As long as you know some great make up hacks then you can surely make your life easier and more glamorous. If you don’t know much about makeup, then here are 10 makeup hacks that’s worth noting:

1. Reuse your nail polish and Fix broken lipsticks

Many of us ladies throw away more than half of the nail polish when they feel it it’s getting dry. Why? Because we never knew the dual purpose of the nail polish remover solution. Don’t throw away your nail polish when you see it drying. Just add some nail polish remover solution to it and let it rest for some time. The nail polish will be again ready for use. You can also put a dried up nail polish jar in hot water. This will help it melt and will make it reusable. You can even put your nail polish in a refrigerator – this will help to prevent bubbles forming in it. Your nail polish will look beautiful and smooth.

Lipsticks are soft so they get broken easily. But that’s not an issue. Put the broken pieces together; burn them under a low flame of a lighter and then place it in a freezer for some hours. When you see that it is solid again, you can use it just like before. See, how simple this is and you can save some cash too!

2. Use an eyeliner to make eyes look bigger

Bigger eyes always look more attractive and beautiful. It is because of the proper highlights done on them. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, don’t apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Apply it on your lower eyelid. This will make your eye look bigger and more appealing than ever before. Adding some Kajal on your eyes can also be effective.

3. Get perfect lipstick

First of all, don’t be tense. First, apply some lip liner around the edges of your lips. Then fill up your lips slowly and properly. You’ll definitely have the perfect lipstick then.

4. Get winged eyeliner easily

If you’re not very good at applying eyeliner you should try this trick. Hold your breath while applying the liner. This will help your eyes to stay still in position. Take a spoon or a paper and put it in a position on the eyelid you want your liner to be. It will act as a stencil and you’ll get the perfect winged liner. Try it, you’ll feel like an artist.

5. Get clean lower eyelids while putting eye shadow

Whenever you put eye shadow you probably get it all on our lower eyelids as well. The best way to prevent it is to put a tissue under your eye while applying eye shadow. The excess of it will end up on the tissue and when done, you can easily remove the tissue and you’ll get clean eyelids.

6. Converting wrong plucked eyebrows into a good one

So your stylist plucked your eyebrows wrong? You’re tense because you are not looking good? Don’t be. Just take an eyeliner pencil and draw the eyebrows in the perfect way you want. Just remember to use a waterproof pencil because messy eyebrows look disgusting.

7. Make your own cleansing milk

Cleaning milk is the best for removing make up from your face and also the best cleanser too. You can make your own cleansing milk in an easy way. Just take some fresh skimmed milk, add a little bit of rose water and baking soda. Baking soda will make it a little thick. The thickness helps it to stay on your face so you can clean it properly. Apply it on your face and the dust and dirt will be cleaned thoroughly. How about that? Cleaning and cleansing at the same time!

8. Don’t throw away your mascara brushes

When your mascara is finished, don’t just throw away its brush. You can always clean them and put them in your drawer. If you want thick eyelashes, using these brushes will help you get long lashes. See how these hacks have helped you save time, money and energy at the same time!

9. Getting long lasting eyelashes to curl

In order to get long lasting eyelash curls, heat up your eyelash curler. Let it cool down a bit so it doesn’t hurt you. Use it now to curl your lashes. You’ll get perfect curls that will that desired long last too.

10. Making eyebrows perfect

Eyebrows always get messed up easily. Use an extra toothbrush to fix it. You can also put some hairspray on your toothbrush first. This will keep the eyebrows perfect and shiny for a much longer time.

Hope these makeup hacks will help you look even prettier than you are right now. Peace out girl scout!

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