Spaghetti Doughnuts Are Now A Thing And They’re Taking Instagram By Storm!


Screenshot taken from Pop Pasta’s Instagram account

Let’s face it, spaghetti and doughnuts are two of life’s greatest pleasures but can you actually picture them together??

Introducing the spaghetti doughnut. This unique creation was concocted by a restaurant in New York called Pop Pasta and it’s guaranteed to confuse your taste buds.

According to their official website: “Pop Pasta combines a popular Neapolitan dish, the spaghetti pie (frittata di spaghetti) with an American food icon, the donut. Slow food meets fast food. In the Neapolitan tradition the spaghetti pie is a dish prepared with pasta leftovers combined with eggs and cheese and then fried.”

This unique doughnut comes in mainly 3 flavours: the Aglio E Olio (with olive oil and garlic), the Carbonara (with bacon) and the Bolognese (with ground beef).

Feast your eyes on some of the photos below:

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Screenshot taken from Pop Pasta’s Instagram account

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