The Latest Bizarre Fashion Trend Has Women Wearing Nothing But Duct Tape… OMG


Screenshots taken from thekingoftape Instagram Account

The saucy new trend on Instagram has women wearing nothing but duct tape on clubbing nights which pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination.

Yes, you read that correctly… DUCT TAPE.

The peculiar trend was made infamous by “The Black Tape Project” which is a US based company and the brainchild of Miami artist Joel Alvarez. They pretty much “tape up” models and then they send the models to attend various clubs in Miami.

The Black Tape Project team cuts up tiny pieces of tape by hand and then craftily places them around the model’s body to attract attention. Because the models are sizzling hot and the style itself is racy in nature, it’s no surprise that the models draws attention wherever they go.

Check out some of their Instagram posts below and get ready for your jaws to drop:

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