This Melbourne Café Is Serving Coffee Inside An Avocado (Yes, You Read Right)

Screenshots taken from Truman Cafe’s Instagram account
Introducing “Avolatte” – a new concoction that involves combining coffee and avocado.
And no, we’re not kidding.
This ‘unique’ creation was created by the Truman Café in Melbourne and apparently it’ll cost you $4 to get one made.
The notion behind “Avolatte” is simple – basically, baristas will be pouring hot cappuccino into an almost empty avocado shell and you’ll eventually taste a hint of avocado in your coffee.
The café admitted that the whole thing was initially a joke – that is, until someone came in and asked for one. The “Avolatte” is also not on the menu list yet, however, you can get one by simply just asking for it.
Check it out below – would you want one??
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