How To Steal Kim Kardashian’s Look For A Fraction Of The Price

Image via Shutterstock /Liam Goodner

Kim Kardashian is not one to be known for blending in with the crowd. After all, she wouldn’t be considered a fashion icon if she did. While we do not all have a famous rap star husband to personally dress us, we still have our ways to dress just like Kim. Kim Kardashian may have one of the best street style out there, which is why today we are pulling inspiration from her look to rock it out ourselves.

The Denim Jacket

The best part of this look is Kim’s oversized denim jacket. It’s a staple piece that never goes out of style and can always be worn a million times over with this look and many other pieces in your closet. To get her jacket you can click on this link: Tengfu Oversize Denim Jeans Jacket Outwear

The Shorts

High waisted shorts are always a fun look, and a style that too never really goes out. To match Kim’s look you can find yourself a pair of her high waist dark blue shorts by clicking this link: Baifern High Waist Stretch Denim Shorts

Since these shorts are so snug, they will compliment your figure well just like Kim’s.

The Shoes

Last, but not least, the whole look would not be complete without the shoes. Just a little advice though, make sure you won’t be doing too much activity when wearing these. These type of shoes are meant for style, not comfort. But they tie in the look really well. You can find yourself a pair here: Cape Robbin Ella Thigh High Boot

The best part of this outfit is that you can stay true to Kim’s look or you can always change it up to fit your style and reach your level of comfort where you feel most beautiful. This outfit is fun and it is quite the statement outfit. But remember, fashion is fun. So take risks and get out your comfort zone, it’s the only way you’ll try new things. If Kim can do it, you can do it.

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