Tough 10 Interview With Miss Grand Australia National Finalist Sarah Pinkerton


1. Tell us your name and give us a list of 5 things most people don’t know about you.

 My name is Sarah Pinkerton and 5 things most people don’t know about me are:

– When I was in primary school I went through a phase where I always had to wear socks (you would never see my feet!)

– I have a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management

– One day I want to travel around Australia

– When I was six I was struck at by a brown snake in the park – luckily it didn’t pierce my boot but they forever had two small dint’s in them

– One day I want try living on a house boat

2. Do you think that the future is as bright for your generation as it was for your parents? Why or why not?

Yes – never has the world had so much knowledge and potential then it does today. I understand how you can easily say no to this question since the generations before us had a simpler landscape to navigate, however, that does not mean that the quality of life and happiness are not at the same level or higher for the same amount of people. Perhaps I’m an optimist, but I believe that there is great potential for my generation to be happy and to succeed.


3. Drug abuse continues to be one of the world’s most serious social problems. What do you think is the best way to handle this issue?

We should start by looking at this from more of a social perspective rather than a criminal one; we should focus on helping the people rather than criminalising them.  Decriminalise more types of drugs and tax them legally so this tax can provide the necessary funding to provide the needed education and proper support for those suffering. This will also help to shift a change in mind set on the issue.

4. What purpose will beauty have in a world dominated by computers?

I hope that the beauty of life is preserved because technology has contributed to working longer hours and sedentary lifestyles. As social platforms become over saturated and as active lifestyle and mindfulness education continues to grow, we might see a shift where more and more people purposefully reduce their technology time and make time to go out, socialise and live their life away from technology.  I think people will be able to hold on to this.


5. What do you think is the greatest contribution of Australia to the entire world?

Being an example of freedom, warmth and being comfortable.

6. What is one law you wish you could amend?

Equal marriage rights to all.


7. What would you like to be remembered for as a titleholder?

I would like to be remembered for being a leader. I would like people that I’ve worked with to remember me for my warmth, strength and as a person they truly enjoyed kicking goals with; I want to be remembered as someone who helped to achieve change and growth.

8. What is the one thing you would like people to learn from your social media profiles?

 I would like people to learn that everyone travels at their own pace; mentally, physically and spiritually. When it comes to our personal and professional lives we shouldn’t compete with anyone else but ourselves. You should always be happy and proud of yourself and it is important not to forget that.


9. If ignorance is bliss, why do we seek knowledge?

I think we seek knowledge because we want to learn, grow and be successful and knowledge gives you the power to do this.

10. If you had to write an autobiography about yourself, what would be the title and why?

‘Interference’ is what I would call it; because I would describe my experiences and thoughts of course but along with them I would like to focus on how things interfered with my journey (where I am vs where I got) and maybe how I could have safe guarded against them. The interference could be from anywhere, my environment, my mental processes and the influencers in my life.

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