Tough 10 Interview With Miss Grand Australia National Finalist Alana Thomas


Tell us your name and give us a list of 5 things most people don’t know about you

My name is Alana Thomas and here are five things about me most people don’t know:

Hello to all readers, thank you for taking the time to visit my ten questions and answers. My name is Alana Thomas.

1) English is my first language. However, over the years I developed an interest for the Japanese language, with a tutor and using ‘self-teach’ techniques I studied the Japanese language twice a week for one year. As I believe the most intelligent people in the world can communicate effectively to a variety of different minds on an extensive range/ variety of levels; therefore never limiting our selves. Knowledge is power.

2) I am a business owner; I am not only the owner but the director and accountant. I am a big believer and inspirer of Tony Robins, as I feel I aspire to keep growing. In my spare time I use the Internet to research his journey and success story. He inspires me to grow & captivate dreams larger than the average could imagine. This allows me to reflect on my personal and professional successes and expand my business and knowledge in accounting and business finance.

3) I really admire children and love assisting with growing minds! If you pay close attention to children, their minds are filled with extraordinary sometimes-unrealistic dreams. Their minds touch the sky and I love to encourage them to keep dreaming , because anything under our beautiful blue sky is limitless and achievable.

4) I spend a lot of time with myself, alone. Including eating out, travelling, studying, working out. I love self-reflecting on what inspires, motivates and curates; my dreams & beliefs. This allows me to be the best, successful & strong-minded woman for my family, friends and myself also.

5) I constantly remember to keep both feet on the ground, due to the fortunate ability to be born into such a beautiful country with limitless opportunity. Any opportunity I can, I will give back to my community. I find try my best to help anyone who is defenseless; being the elderly, young children, teenagers, and animals. If everyone in the world did one thing to help one organization or individual expecting nothing in return individual the world would be a peaceful place.

Do you think that the future is as bright for your generation as it was for your parents? Why or why not?

I believe that the generation of today would be classified as the ‘digital age’ and in my opinion the future is looking much brighter as the generations unfold.

In my opinion ‘the digital age’ has incredible opportunity for growth, creativity, self-learning and our future offers this generation more than one way to educate themselves using the techniques that best benefit them; through photography, biography, video clips, interviews, worded documentation, audio and much more.

Due to government funding, there is more financial stability & support to education not just to children or students, but also to young adults, adults and even the educators of Australia.

Today’s generation can express themselves freely in more ways than ever before and still maintain the ability to share their creativity, knowledge and learning’s via the internet or be inspired for new ideas by the entire world that is consistently growing for a brighter future of today’s generation and the rest to come.

Drug abuse continues to be one of the world’s most serious social problems. What do you think is the best way to handle this issue?

I am a strong believer of having the ‘choice’ to create your own future and destiny.

There are many reasons for drug consumption, some examples being; peer pressure, pleasure, energy or a way to relax, to increase confidence, insomnia, muscle growth, cope with anxiety or depression or even from ‘familiarity’ of family or friends around us.

Whichever of the above examples is the reason for drug consumption, there is one common factor, which links all being ‘mental health’.

To ‘handle’ drug consumption we must build strong minds based on a strong educational and learning foundations. We must educate and teach children from a young age that their destiny is not created for them and that we are the opportunists of our own lives. Drug consumption is a pressing on-going concern in young adults and adults, expressing concerns and fighting for the rights of a better future for our children from a young age will manage drug consumption through education.


What purpose will beauty have in a world dominated by computers?

In today’s generation we are blessed to be educated that beauty is not only identified as what appears on the outside, but a combination of qualities that are possessed through our personalities- intelligence, maturity, kindness, achievements and much more.

Therefore beauty in a world dominated by computers allows the understanding of ‘beauty’ in a variety of different ways to be portrayed to anyone who is on the Internet.

Beauty can be exposed in a world dominated by computers through socializing, networking, expanding social/educational portfolios and identifying individualism.

What do you think is the greatest contribution of Australia to the entire world?

Australia is known for its fairness and highly identified for its multicultural system and opportunities to all races and cultures of the world by expanding it’s acceptance and living conditions to the entire world.

Australia possesses many qualities not only available to Australians but expanding nationally such as; acceptance to all individuals, stability to children and families, stability through our educational facilities and programs, stability to our economy which impacts the world, stability to our political & criminal justice systems and stability to a future for all living among Australia.

What is one law you wish you could amend?

I would amend the acceptance of ‘Gay marriage’. Everybody is entitled to the right of acceptance and be proud to whole-heartedly embrace the person that they are naturally without fear of a perception.

What would you like to be remembered for as a titleholder?

I want to be remembered as the woman who achieved greatness as an ambassador for change both inside and outside of my community.

I would like to be remembered as a strong independent woman who is dedicated and devoted to everything I do. I want to make a difference to Australia, through charity work, by supporting Destiny Rescue while wearing the Miss Grand Australia crown knowing that I am an ambassador for my country and community.

I want to demonstrate the ability to be confident and aspirational in front of the judges and in front of thousands of other guests.

What is the one thing you would like people to learn from your social media profiles?

Sometimes we browse the Internet in search of acceptance that the challenges we face in life are ‘okay’. In part of this I have already achieved, as my close community has already witnessed the life changes and choices I have made and they are allowing it to be an inspiration to their lives.

Challenges and obstacles will head our way, it is how we embrace and face them that will make us who we are.

I believe if we are brave enough to share our accomplishments we have already encouraged someone somewhere.

I live my life to the fullest, I take smart risks, I study hard and I work harder – I want the world to know that ‘anything lived can be dreamt’ and ‘anything fought can be achieved’.

Through observing and understanding my audience I will extend my social network, posting inspiring classy, elegant & intellectual posts. I will be a leader for the younger and current generations by keeping my extended audience up to date with my recent achievements through my bio and constantly growing in every way I can; socially, intellectually, physically, mentally.

I have worked extremely hard to achieve everything I have and that is something I am proud of.

We can aspire anything that we want to be despite our heritage, sex, age or race. ‘In order to succeed, we must first believe’.

If ignorance is bliss, why do we seek knowledge?

“We will be happy indeed if we become ignorant with all the chaos and negativities that are happening around the world. However, true happiness can be achieved by many if we all seek knowledge and work together in facing these problems and finding a way to resolve it.”

If you had to write an autobiography about yourself, what would be the title and why?

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you”

Life is filled with challenges and the way you perceive these challenges can shape and mold your future.

Challenges are always life changing and if they are overcome with positive re-enforcement they are the greatest lesson of all.

There are either positive or negative outcomes, but either way is in the hands of the beholder.

My life has endured a sequence of challenges that have shaped the strong, independent woman I am proud to be today.

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