Model Spotlight: Get To Know Amelia Conway


If modeling is only a part-time gig, it’s hard to imagine how many more successes Amelia Conway would have if being in front of the camera is her full-time career.


Despite working as full-time graphic designer (she earned a Bachelor of Design – Fashion and Textiles from the University of Technology, Sydney), Amelia has a modeling portfolio many in the business would envy.  Getting her start as a promotional model at events 9 years ago, her stunning beauty has seen her featured in numerous magazines and look books, and even earned her a place in the NSW Finals of famous magazine Cosmopolitan’s model search and Miss Universe Australia in 2012 and 2013 respectively.  She has enjoyed strutting her stuff on the catwalk such as at the Pacific Runway Fashion Show last year and being part of TV commercials from popular ski resort, Thredbo and Jacob’s Creek Wine.  More recently, she has done prolific work in modeling for the social media and e-commerce arms of various fashion labels such as Kamuka Activewear, Snow Angel Australia, Samira’s Closet, Kelly & Port and many more.


To say that Amelia’s body of work is diverse is definitely an understatement.  Made even more impressive in that it is not her all-consuming passion as it is for most people in the industry.  But she understands its value as her modeling work is allowing her to save money to invest in a property one day.  She will tolerate the downsides of modeling, she says (“have to be skinny and have perfect skin. A lot of people…treat you like an object…”) to achieve her dreams for her future.

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