7 Useful Modelling Tips That Are Guaranteed To Help You Become A Better Model


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If you have aspirations of becoming a top model then you need to read this article. Sure you might have the body and the height of a top model, but what about everything else? Here are 7 tips every upcoming model needs to know about:

1. Research the market

Although you’ll be showcasing clothing as a model, you also want to have some knowledge of the industry. Find out who the big designers are, study their inspirations, keep up with trends. This is a great way to stay focused on all things modelling. Don’t limit yourself to just the runway. Learn what makes the market tick- it could be what makes you unique in the competitive industry.

2. Prepare yourself

Dress up, play with makeup and practice your runway walk. You want to know how to present clothing because that’s the focus! Use a 3-way mirror and see how you look from all angles. Be sure that you know how to make the right impression and hold yourself in the best ways.

3. Focus on your portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card. You showcase the various looks you have when you show it to a new designer. Be sure that you’re offering plenty of variation. Remember that your potential bosses will be from different segments of the fashion market—sportswear, formal wear, casual wear, etc. Make sure that you showcase what you can do in every element.

4. Be yourself

What makes you unique is going to be your main selling point- guaranteed. Don’t try to cover it up. Sure, there may be designers who pass because of it, but there will be designers who will seek you out because of it too.

5. The headshots

Even though you are going to be focusing on various looks, be sure that you include some headshots in your portfolio. Industry professionals say that a headshot, a profile and a smile-shot is enough. Make sure that every single one is a stand out!

6. Be confident

Speak up when you’re at your go-sees. Let your personality shine through so the designer knows who you are and how you feel most comfortable. They want to best showcase their clothing, so they want people who are comfortable in their own skin first. Let them see the real you by practicing. Use your family and friends as test go-sees to hone your speaking skill when on the spot.

7. Read everything

If you are presented with a modelling contract, read it! You’d be surprised at how many new models see the contract and the dollar signs and jump at it! Sure you’re excited but you need to know the exact specifications and requirements of what you’re signing. Have a legal professional review it with you to make sure you’re getting the right deal. Just because you’re new doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a say in what you want.

If you’re an aspiring model, be sure to take these seven tips seriously. They can help to set you up as the next big thing in the industry!

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