Brace Yourself, Australia: The 2017 Miss Earth Australia National Finals Is Set To Hit Sydney In 3 Weeks!


Miss Earth Australia invites you to come and join them for an evening of excitement, color, and elegance.

Miss Earth Australia is a national beauty pageant promoting awareness of environmental issues and how we can reduce our environmental footprint. It’s designed to draw attention to environmental problems and to encourage all Australians to embrace the idea of actively seeking ways to clean up our environment. The issues include areas such as using less energy at home and work, reducing water consumption, walking instead of driving, caring about species loss, fluctuations between droughts and floods, the uncertainty of water supplies, the slowing down of the Conveyor Belt and Global Warming.

The pageant is part of Miss Earth International which is one of the world’s top three beauty pageants. The pageant will also be a tribute to each woman’s inner and outer beauty and to their contribution to conserving the beauty of planet earth.

The evening will be filled with dazzling entertainment courtesy of their male host – singer David Lowe and wonderful female hosts – supermodels Lisa Keller and Anika Sweetland who are guaranteed to bring life to the pageant.

The highly anticipated National Finals will be held on Saturday, September 2 at The Grand Ballroom in Crowne Plaza Terrigal, Central Coast. The Red Carpet arrival will run from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, with the actual event running from 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

The attire is strictly formal and if you want to reserve tickets to this prestigious event then feel free to email Or call Maria James on 0426 055 384.

Check out some photos of the contestants below courtesy of Deepak Kubendran:

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