It’s Official: Miss Multiverse Australia Reality TV Show Finally Completes Filming


Photos courtesy of Aris Suwirto

Over the past months, the contestants of the new Reality TV Show ‘I Am Multiverse Australia’ fought for the ultimate title of Miss Multiverse Australia 2017. The winner was finally announced last Thursday night, 31 August 2017 after the final ten models faced a week of tough challenges.


Miss Multiverse Australia is a new reality TV show that is launching in Australia this year after experiencing great success in America and South America over the last few years. The search is on for Australia’s most multifaceted model that is not only beautiful on the outside but has a good education, interpersonal skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, catwalk and photographic skills as well as being fit and healthy.


Miss Multiverse Australia / I Am Multiverse AU is a mix between ‘Next Top Model,’ ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Survivor.’ The show is looking for ladies who are multi-faceted, strong, successful with good physical, emotional and social intelligence.
Originally commencing with 700 applicants, and narrowing it down to 50 finalists, contestants had to survive rigorous challenges and tests to make it to the next round. The candidates who stood out and demonstrated exceptional qualities were chosen as the Top 10 National Finalists. The National Finalists took part in further testing in Sydney during the past week. They endured mental, physical, emotional and social challenges pushing them to the brink.


The models were picked up at Sydney Domestic Airport in luxury vehicles driven by GoCatch drivers. The first destination was Quest Macquarie Park where the girls were staying for the final week of the contest.

The National Finals opened with a Welcoming Dinner Cruise on a Captain Cook Cruise Ship. This was the opportunity for the judges and VIP guests to meet the contestants face to face, and it turns out that the participants made an excellent first impression according to guests.


There was no delay and challenges and activities started straight away. This contest is not for the faint hearted and girls are tested on all levels. Education, physical health and fitness, model skills, social and interpersonal skills are all taken into account. Although everyone had their strengths and weaknesses which created a great dynamic between contestants, many friendships were formed, but there were also many moments of tension, jealousy, and emotion.

Activities and challenges over the finals week included modeling based photo shoots and catwalks where girls were tested on their modeling skills and ethics.


Their endurance, fitness, and sportsmanship were tested through challenges such as ice skating at Macquarie Ice Rink, Sydney Escape Hunt, Skypeak and a day on Goldenridge Farm. These sorts of activities are great for getting a closer look at how the contestants handle the pressure of physical and mentally demanding tasks. Although not too much can be revealed before the airing of the show, it is safe to reveal that some did extraordinarily well while some did not.

“Often the competition factor and the pressure the girls put themselves under brings out the unexpected side of people,” says Yolandi Franken, Producer, and National Director.


The producers tried to create a few moments for the girls where they get a bit of a break because she believes that every girl needs to get spoiled at some point.

There was only one place that the contestants wanted to visit for their first lunch, and the was The Port in Darling Harbour. With its gorgeous view of Darling Harbour and its relaxing atmosphere, it was just what the girls needed before the testing few days lie ahead.

They were also treated to lunch at Bondi Pizza in Macquarie Park. Although Pizza is not the usual choice of models, the restaurant offered healthy options for the health conscious. After some rough few challenges, the girls deserved a little leniency.

One thing is for sure; the models made heads turn whenever they had activities in public spaces. Speed shopping at Woolworths Marsfield, the GoCatch challenge where girls had to introduce the App to by passers and their activity at the Beauty Expo was a great hit among the public.

Each day started with a line announcements where girls were given their current rank in the game. This was most definitely the most nerve wrecking activity of each day for the girls. Rewards were given for those who came out on top and punishment for those at the bottom.

The Awards Night was the highlight of Season one of the show. With the Awards Night held at the Sea Life Aquarium, the room was packed, and a number people missed out on obtaining tickets.

“We never expected our first year to be so popular”, says producer, Yolandi Franken.

With Judges and VIP’s attending, some well-known Australian actors were also present, such as Malcolm Kennard, Nancy Hayes, and Salvatore Coco.

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