Designer Natalya Ah Him Will Unveil 4 Decades Of Samoa’s Garment Industry At The Pacific International Runway Show


The Pacific International Runway will unveil four rich decades of Samoa’s promising garment industry through the third generation of Pele Creations at the Luxurious Star City Sydney. The petite elegantly garbed Su’a Freida Paul laughingly says “I am just a mascot” but to this fiercely proud nation Samoa, she is Samoa’s version of Coco Chanel.

The granddaughter of iconic Su’a Frieda Paul, Natalya Ah Him has proven to walk in the golden footprints of her grandmother with a vision to take the Pele Creations name to new heights. She acknowledges that she is on a gold mine and in time Pele Creations would cater to the different fashion needs of the Pacific people globally.

As Manamea Apelu-Schwalger described in a beautifully captured Samoa Observer article; “Many will remember Carol and Mark in the 1960s and 70s, the original home of Pele Creations, where the iconic Su’a Freida Paul wove into her designs from the canvas of her creative mind, what is now signature prints of Pele Creations. You will see imprints of the fallen frangipani and tropical leaves on any Pele, a symbol of how it touched the heart of its creator. It is a story embedded in generations of love and passion for our unique elei handprints and resort wear. I am told it started with an imprint caused by a fallen frangipani flower on a freshly hand printed fabric that was laid out to dry.”


A woman who personifies stunning at thirty and though in her eighties now, is irresistibly an image of elegance and grace.

Natalya Ah Him has recently re-opened the doors of Pele Creations and slowly awakens to the knowledge that there is a Rolls Royce in the garage that will just need to be revived lovingly to its usual glamour. Truly inspired by her grandmother, she will be reviving the uniqueness, love, and passion of her grandmother’s fashion line from four decades ago. Consumed with excitement and emotion, she describes the ultimate reason for showcasing at the Pacific International Runway is her way of honoring her grandmother and mother for their passion, love and being gritty.

An evening of glitz and glamour will bring Sydney’s luxurious Star City Venue to an edge of the seat halt with a historic line-up of the finest Pacific designers including Fiji’s Hoerder Designs, Cecelia’s Fashion from Samoa, Cook Island’s Fiona Matutu, Bou Fashion from Tonga/NZ and now the legendary Su’a Frieda Paul known as the woman who introduced fashion runway to Samoa in the 60’s, will grace the Pacific International Runway bringing over four decades of fashion expertise. Su’a Frieda Paul says the Pacific fashion industry needs people like Failepou Peni to push every boundary, persevere and stresses that to become a woman with vision, you need to walk out of your comfort zone and try new things, gain exposure and show the world what you have. Failepou has together with her International Partners formed a Pacific International Fashion Council.

Pacific International Runway 2017 will be held at “THE STAR Sydney” on the 21st October 2017.

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