2017’s Three Biggest Fashion Trends


Fashion is a statement, and it is said that how you are dressed is the way you will be addressed – that’s what is your fashion statement must say something about your personality, what you do and so on, that’s why it’s called a statement. There are various fashion trends out there, but there are still problems of combining, maybe colors on colors, patterns on patterns and so on. So to avoid mockery or inferiority, here are some tips.

1. Combinations of colors: Sometimes, the combination of colors might not be an easy task, but you can just settle for what makes you comfortable. There’s no crime in repeating colors every time as long as they make you comfortable. You can never go wrong with wearing black, fresh colors and so on if u have problems combining colors. Some colors are regarded to be for a female like pink and blue for a male though this color tribe has been placed aside due to civilization. Now female and male wear almost the same thing.

2. Outfits: There are different types of outfit we wear to grace different occasions. There are outfits we wear casually for big occasions, and we still look good wearing them. Scandals and palm slippers can be considered in this form of dressing regardless of the sex. On the part of the cultural dressing, a dress peculiar to one’s culture is worn. All these forms of the outfit are characterized with decency. Some dressing is regarded has been official and can only be truly official when wearing a plain shirt of any color with a suit not necessarily though and a tie to complement it, along with a shoe. Then your accessories can go with your dressing, either wristwatch, neck piece, etc

3.Trends: Dealing with your everyday look most times might be a problem when you are new or lost to what’s trending and in vogue. Fashion has no end and as such creative minds bring new ideas to form trends. What’s trending in Miami might not trend in Ohio but being informed of the latest trends saves you the stress of always struggling to get the right attire. Trending for men are brouges, oxford, suedes, penny loafers, etc. and for women are baggy pants, heels, etc. and with this little tips on trends, you walk out your door with confidence knowing you’re on track with trends.

Everyone deserves to have that superiority look, but the combination is the key. You can have a few out of many, but the way you combine differentiates you. Looking good is not about how much stuff you have but how you make use of the ones you have.

Recently, some form of dressing has been accustomed to people. They are said to be trending fashion and lifestyle. Different trends are coming out virtually every day, and you can even bring out your own as long as it’s accepted.

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