Top 5 Trends For Spring Summer 2018


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This spring/summer trends have reacted to the terror of the modern world, it’s feel good, it’s sparkly and its joyful. Its ruffled, feather dresses to part in, its pencil skirts to wiggle in and sheer blouses.

There is a huge trend for updating our wardrobe staples and foundations. New versions of trench coats, slip dresses and denim have made a return to runways, only heightened with new hems, new washes and lots of embellishments.

Here are five new trends you can bring to your Spring/Summer wardrobe

1. Ice Cream layers

We saw parma violet at Victoria Beckham, lemon sorbet layer at Hermes and pistachio tiers at SiesMarjan. These pastel trends have been seen in pastel suits, ruffled dresses, oversized coats, fitted jackets. Ice cream pastel colours have been a spring favourite for years but this time there is less rules. New York opted for bold primary colours whilst London opted for softer hues.Wear head to toe pastel pink, layer greens, yellows and pinks.

2. Denim Everything

While some of us are still haunted by the all denim outfits of the early 2000’s in seems not everyone is. Tom Ford and Nina Ricci are just two of the many designers that have brought back the head to two denim look. Popular denim looks on the runway include dungarees, The tailored denim is back, so expect to see a repeat of that Justin and Britney VMA momentin 2018.

3. Plastic Fantastic

Raf Simons at Calvin Klein started this trend, having debuted a vinyl heavy collection in spring. Valentino and Chanel have taken this trend and added their own classic look to it with knee high vinyl boots, plastic trench coats and shiny dresses. From shiny 60’s vinyl gogo boots to Blade Runner sheer plastic this futuristic look will be seen in various incarnations throughout 2018.

4. Sequins and sparkles

Party girl fashion came back with sparkles being a huge trend on the runway. It started with Gigi Hadid is sparkling Tom Ford and then was seen on ruffled Gucci, Victoria Beckham’s must have court shoes and Gucci. From sequined evening dresses to glittery embellishment on sweats. Glitter has stopped being a trend purely for night out, pep up a work look with sparkly shoes or make it super casual with embellished denim or sweats.

5. What lies beneath

Transparent clothing may have trashy reputation but cut into classic and traditional cuts it could be coolest wardrobe update of the season. It’s not necessary about the transparent garment but what is underneath, models can be seen with shift dresses under sheer dresses, cycling shorts under transparent skirts or underwear being on full view. The Chanel branded brief and bra has been seen peeking out of nearly every starlet red carpet outfit.

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