Five Top Fashion Trends For 2018, Direct From The Runway!

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It’s just too crazy that we are almost in the year 2018. Now is the time to look forward to new season fashions, direct from the runway. Fashion shows are great indicators of the trends that will filter down into mainstream designs, influencing the styles you can purchase in boutiques, in-store and online.

So, what are the top 5 fashions trend for 2018?

1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been uber cool for a while now. But, we are seeing a twist on this staple with designers making them even more utilitarian, baggy and looking almost exactly like a flight-suit. New York Fashion Week 2017 saw the jumpsuit weigh in heavily in both men’s and women’s fashions…meaning we will see a lot of this trend in 2018. We’ve even seen it in leather! However, keep it fly by making sure your jumpsuit is styled more urban/street and less ‘The Village People’.

Think: Rihanna (particularly if she was about to fly a small aircraft).

Wear with: a belt, heels or even trainers!

2. Fringes

It’s time to harness the power of your inner cowgirl. Fringes are taking over big time, with so many applications. Whether they are adorning dresses, jackets, handbags or boots, ‘The Fringe’ is just so damn fabulous. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang have taken this design element next level, incorporating it with tassels, pom poms and all sorts of embellishments.

Think: Almost Famous’ Penny Lane… but with a serious update.

Wear with: lashings of attitude and tassel earrings. Skip the cowboy hat.

3. Mint and Lavender

No, we’re not talking about a herbal infused cocktail… summery pastels mint and lavender are set to be the colours de jour when it comes to fashion in 2018. Designers Tibi and Michael Kors incorporated lavender into their Spring shows. Whether as a colour staple for an evening, corporate, street (or, even activewear) these two pastels shades are enjoying their moment in the spotlight.

Think: Your grandma…if she was a fashion doyenne.

Wear with: Lavender can look great in soft knits, suit sets… anything!

4. Candy stripes

Think candy is just for children? Think again. Candy stripes can actually be super sexy, and they’ll be guaranteed to be making an appearance in 2018 in the wardrobes of fashionistas worldwide. Whether it’s on a summer dress or a winter coat candy-stripes are just a bit sweet… and, oh so cute! Son Jung Wan is a designer that takes this look next level, particularly when it comes to form-fitting bodysuits and sharp (yet, girly) cropped blazers. Yummy!

Think: Zooey Deschanel cute, with an extra dose of fashion-forward sass.

Wear with: A full A-line skirt for a bit of classic vintage charm and a matching cherry lip.

5. Florals

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. Well, this time around they are far more flirty… and a tad less frumpy! And, in 2018 they are here to stay no matter the season.  High leg slits and plunging necklines spell sex appeal with a bit of a romantic blush. Look out for warm weather styles for when florals go a bit troppo… we might be forecasting a bit of hibiscus here! For the winter months metallic floral brocades on trenches and jackets manage to make florals less daytime and a whole lot opulent.

Think: ‘Girl-next-door’ meets Kim Kardashian.

Wear with: Layered on top of luxe, lace lingerie and as a silk kimono.

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